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18 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • have good relationship.
Example Sentence: I don't get on with her. She isn't a very nice woman.


17 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • contact.
Example Sentence: I'll get on to the supplier to find out what the problem is.

GET BACK gɛt bæk

16 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • respond.
Example Sentence: I'll get back to you on Friday with an answer.


15 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • accept.
Example Sentence: Isn't it time you faced up to your responsibilities?

DRAG ON dræg ɒn

14 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • continue for a long time.
Example Sentence: The meeting really dragged on. I thought I was going to fall asleep!


13 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • reduce.
Example Sentence: We need to cut down on costs, if we want to survive.


12 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • think of.
Example Sentence: We need to come up with a solution to the problem.

CARRY ON kæri ɒn

11 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • continue.
Example Sentence: I'll carry on doing this while you are gone.

CALL OFF kɔl ɔf

10 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • cancel.
Example Sentence: We've decided to call off Friday's meeting.

BREAK OFF breɪkˌɔf

09 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • (of a relationship) to finish completely.
Example Sentence: The two countries broke off relations following the diplomatic dispute.

BACK DOWN bæk daʊn

08 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • stop arguing.
Example Sentence: He seems reluctant to back down and admit that he is wrong.

WIND UP waɪnd ʌp

07 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • close.
Example Sentence: Lawyers were called in to wind up the company.

TURN UP tɜrn ʌp

06 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • appear.
Example Sentence: Did your glasses ever turn up?

TURN DOWN tɜrn daʊn

05 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • refuse offer.
Example Sentence: He was offered the job but he turned it down because it involved too much travelling.

TURN AWAY tɜrn əˈweɪ

04 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • refuse entry.
Example Sentence: The camp was already full and many of the refugees had been turned away.