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VENDOR vɛndər

25 Jan 2021


  • a person or agency that sells.
Example Sentence: Please call the vendor to confirm delivery one week in advance.

TURNAROUND tɜrnəˌraʊnd

24 Jan 2021


  • an improvement following poor performance.
Example Sentence: The impressive sales figures are a dramatic turnaround for the company.

TRADEOFF treɪdˌɔf

23 Jan 2021


  • a situation in which you accept something bad in exchange for something good.
Example Sentence: They may be willing to accept the tradeoff of a higher price for time saved.

SYNERGY sɪnərdʒi

22 Jan 2021


  • the increased result by combining two or more things.
Example Sentence: Working together we create a synergy that we couldn't do alone.

SURGE sɜrdʒ

21 Jan 2021


  • a sudden increase in the amount of something.
Example Sentence: There's been a recent surge of interest in the product.

SUBORDINATE səˈbɔrdnˌeɪt

20 Jan 2021


  • somebody who is in a lower position than somebody else in an organisation.
Example Sentence: He was accused of abusing his subordinates.

STICKING POINT stɪkɪn pɔɪnt

19 Jan 2021


  • a point in a negotiation where progress cannot be made.
Example Sentence: A key sticking point in the negotiations was the issue of salaries.

STAKE steɪk

18 Jan 2021


  • the proportion of a business that a person has invested in.
Example Sentence: He holds a 20% stake in the company.

STAGNATE stægneɪ

17 Jan 2021


  • to not grow or develop.
Example Sentence: Property sales in villages near the factory have stagnated.

SLOWDOWN sloʊˌdaʊn

16 Jan 2021


  • when something becomes less active and less is produced.
Example Sentence: They forecast a slowdown in UK economic growth.

SHORE UP ʃɔr ʌp

15 Jan 2021

Phrasal Verb

  • to make a system or organisation stronger and less likely to fail.
Example Sentence: The president has promised to shore up the economy.

SALES FORECAST seylz fɔrˌkæst

14 Jan 2021


  • a prediction of how you expect sales to change in the future.
Example Sentence: The company lowered it sales forecast for the third quarter.

SALES FORCE seɪlz fɔrs

13 Jan 2021


  • all the people who sell for a company.
Example Sentence: The company is hoping to expand its sales force.

REVAMP riˈvæmp

12 Jan 2021


  • to change something in order to make it better and more modern.
Example Sentence: The company plans to revamp all its outlets over the coming year.

RETAIL OUTLET riteɪl aʊtlɛt

11 Jan 2021


  • a place where products are sold to the public.
Example Sentence: They have retail outlets all over America, Europe and Asia.