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TECHNICAL SKILLS / tek′ni kəl skilz/

28 Sep 2019


  • Knowledge and proficiencies required in the accomplishment of engineering, scientific, or any specific task.
Example Sentences:What technical skills are required to perform this job?
In addition to having excellent technical skills, he also shows a great deal of innovation.

BOND bɒnd

27 Sep 2019


  • Certificate issued by companies and governments to its lenders.
Example Sentences: Bonds are considered a safe investment as they are guaranteed by governments.

STAKEHOLDER /stāk′hōl′dər/

26 Sep 2019


  • Person, group, or organization that has direct or indirect stake in an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives, and policies. Key stakeholders in a business organization include creditors, customers, directors, employees, government (and its agencies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the community from which the business draws its resources.
Example Sentences:As one of the major stakeholders in the company, we have three representatives on the board of directors.
Who is the biggest stakeholder in this company?

GOODS /go̵odz/

25 Sep 2019


  • Things we buy and sell that can be made or grown such as clothes, food and cars.
Example Sentences:What is the total value of the goods in this shipment?
The goods we ordered are currently in port awaiting clearance from customs.

ORDER BACKLOG /ôr′dər bak lôg′/

24 Sep 2019


  • Value of unfulfilled orders, or the number of unprocessed jobs, on a given day. While a backlog indicates the workload that is beyond the production capacity of a department or firm, it also serves as a pointer toward the firm's future sales revenue and earnings.
Example Sentences:We have an order backlog of about $670,000.
Due to a large order backlog, all orders are currently delayed by about two weeks.


23 Sep 2019


  • commercial goods that are being transported long distance.
Example Sentence: The goods arrive by ship and then continue by freight train.

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN /sər tif′i kit ʌv ôr′ə jin/

22 Sep 2019


  • A certificate stating the country in which a commodity has been grown, milled, produced, manufactured or assembled.
Example Sentences:According to the certificate of origin, this lamp shade was made in Thailand.

WHOLESALE PRICE /ˈhoʊlˌseɪl prīs/

21 Sep 2019


  • the price of goods charged to shops and businesses for buying large quantities of the goods
Example Sentences:The wholesale price of goods is always cheaper than the retail price.
If you buy this bed in a shop, you’ll pay around $600. However, the wholesale price is only $400.

IMPORT LICENSE /ɪmˈpɔrt lahy-suh ns/

20 Sep 2019


  • An import license is a document issued by a national government authorizing the importation of certain goods into its territory.
Example Sentences:You won’t be able to import wood products into the country unless you have an import license to do so.
Although I had the correct import license, customs did not allow my shipment out of the port of entry.

CUSTOMS /kuhs-tuh mz/

19 Sep 2019


  • Government agency entrusted with enforcement of laws and regulations to collect and protect import-revenues, and to regulate and document the flow of goods in and out of the country.
Example Sentences:I was searched by customs when I entered China on business last month.
Customs calculated that the necessary duty to be paid on the shipment was $9,560.

LEAD TIME lid taɪm

18 Sep 2019


  • the time available to prepare for an event.
Example Sentence: The lead time to get a book published is very long.

DISCOUNT /dis′ko̵unt′/

17 Sep 2019


  • a reduction in price from the original sale price
Example Sentences:The company is offering a discount of 30% on their standard price for all goods purchased before the end of the month.
We offered them a further discount of 5% but they rejected it.

STANDING ORDER /stændɪŋ ɔrdər/

16 Sep 2019


  • A standing order is an instruction to a bank to pay some money at regular times to another bank account.
Example Sentence: The electricity company requires all its customers to settle their bills by standing order.

REGULAR CUSTOMER /reg′yə lər kus′tə mər/

15 Sep 2019


  • a customer who often buys a product or service from the same company
Example Sentences:We generally give better sales terms to our regular customers.
As I’m a regular customer, can you offer me a bigger discount?

SALES FORCE seɪlz fɔrs

14 Sep 2019


  • all the people who sell for a company.
Example Sentence: The company is hoping to expand its sales force.