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Individual Subscriptions FAQs

If you cannot find an answer to your question below concerning individual subscriptions, please contact us via the Contact Us page. Just follow the link at the top of the page.

  • How can I subscribe to the E-Platform?

    You can subscribe to Workplace English Training E-Platform using the online subscription form.

    Subscription Options:

    • 6-month
    • 12-month

    Each membership type is a recurring subscription, meaning that at the end of the subscription period it will be automatically renewed unless cancelled before the expiry date.

    Type in a coupon code (from advertising) if you have one, then click 'Continue.'

    Payment Methods:

    • PayPal (for those who would like to use their PayPal account)
    • Stripe (for credit card payments)
    • Alipay (the most popular payment method in China)

    If you would like to pay by cheque or direct transfer, please email us:

  • How much does it cost to subscribe to Workplace English Training E-Platform? Are there any discounts?

    We offer three subscription options. The prices are:

    • 6-month: $11/month (minimum subscription period 6 months)
    • 12-month: $7/month (minimum subscription period 12 months)

    If you have a coupon code from our advertising you are entitled to a discount on the above prices. Just type in the coupon code in the relevant box in the online subscription form.

  • What are the payment methods?

    We accept the following payment methods:

    • PayPal (for those who would like to use their PayPal account)
    • Stripe (for credit card payments)
    • Alipay (the most popular payment method in China)

    If you would like to pay by cheque or direct transfer, please email us:

  • How do I renew or cancel my subscription?

    We use a recurrent billing system. This means that your subscription will be automatically renewed at the lowest price available at the time of renewal. It will cost no more than the price you paid before.

    One month before the expiry of your subscription you will be reminded of this by email and you may cancel the automatic renewal at that time from your Membership Information page.

  • Can I give my subscription login details to another person?

    Individual Subscribers are restricted to accessing the member's area from ONLY 4 different IP addresses within a 24-hour period. So it is not advisable to pass on your login details to another person as they may distribute the details to others.


    If individual Subscribers exceed this number their account will be automatically locked.


    We feel that 4 IP addresses is adequate as most individual users only require one IP address from their office and one from home or laptop within 24 hours.


    This security measure prevents users buying one subscription and passing the login information to friends or colleagues. So please, keep your subscription details private.


    Repeated abuse will result in a subscription being terminated.

  • Can subscribers log in from different computers?

    Individual users can access from 4 different IP addresses within a 24-hour period.

  • Can subscribers print out the content of lessons?

    Yes. PDF files are available for all the interactive lessons including lesson study notes, dialogue transcripts, language lists, flashcards, exercises and answer keys. These files can be downloaded and printed.


    1500+ Word documents are included in the Download Centre. All these documents can be downloaded and printed.


    All the back issues of The Language Key Magazine are in PDF format and can also be printed.

  • Can subscribers download audio files to an mp3 player?

    Yes. All listening files are recorded in mp3 format, so they can be easily downloaded to a PC or any portable device with an mp3 player.

  • I have forgotten how to login. Can you give me instructions how to do this?

    How to update your information




  • I've forgotten my username/password. How can I find it?

    Follow these instructions:

    • Go to the login box on any page in the public area of the site.
    • Beside the Login button is a link to "Password?".
    • Follow this link if you have forgotten either your username or password.
    • Then follow the instructions.
  • How can subscribers check their subscription period?

    When you subscribe you will be given a link to your Membership Information page.


    If you are logged in, you can access this page and see your subscription details at the bottom of the page under 'Payment History'.

  • What are podcasts?

    Our podcasts are audio lessons covering a wide variety of business speaking topics. The podcasts are recorded in mp3 format.


    The mp3 files can be played on a PC or downloaded to any portable device with an mp3 player.


    Workplace English Training E-Platform includes 100+ podcast lessons in mp3 format.

  • Can subscribers send documents for us to correct?

    We are afraid that we do not offer this service to subscribers. However, if your companies requires an editing service, we would be pleased to discuss this with you. For further information on our editing service, please email us at

  • How reliable is your server?

    Workplace English Training E-Platform is hosted in Hong Kong on a cloud server. Our hosting providers have guaranteed us 99.9% up-time! We also use a powerful dedicated server, meaning we are the only website on the server.