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PLANT plænt

22 Oct 2023


  • a factory or place where something is produced, including energy.
Example Sentence: They announced that the plant would be closed down in 6 months.

MEET DEMAND mit dɪˈmænd

18 Oct 2023


  • manage to supply enough of something.
Example Sentence: The company is struggling to meet the sudden demand.

RESTRUCTURE riˈstrʌktʃər

19 Apr 2023


  • to make changes to the organisation of a company.
Example Sentence: The new owner plans to restructure the failing car maker.

COMMODITY kəˈmɒdɪti

25 Mar 2023


  • something that can be bought or sold, e.g. a resource or product.
Example Sentence: Primary commodities tend to be produced in poorer countries.

OVERHAUL oʊvərˌhɔl

13 Sep 2022


  • a general, thorough examination of machinery, computers, systems etc
Example Sentence: Productivity has been decreasing gradually in the past few months so a complete overhaul of the system is absolutely necessary.