business_speakingOnline Business English Training Platform 

Workplace English Training E-Platform is an interactive, online training platform and resource for the staff of companies who want to develop and improve their business English skills.

The E-Platform offers a continuous learning environment combining self-study activities, online resources, community sharing, tutor interaction, assessment and evaluation tools.

Compared with classroom-based or e-courses, the E-Platform is a low-cost, high-impact solution for training large numbers of staff over multiple locations.

The E-Platform is available by annual corporate subscription. With a corporate subscription, all your staff within a given location can access the product online from our website.

A corporate subscription to the E-Platform provides highly cost-effective, on-going training for all your staff, guaranteeing a return on your investment.

The E-Platform is not just a training platform. It’s also a great source of reference material for supplementing your existing English training programs.


It is important, as with any training, that you are able to measure the return on your investment. HR and Training Managers request detailed statistics of staff usage for any date range.

You can check how many times your staff have logged on, how many pages they have viewed, the total time they have spent on the platform, how much content they have downloaded, and how may times they have visited practice exercises.

In addition, your users can provide their own evaluation of the E-Platform towards the end of your subscription by completing an online evaluation questionnaire.

Why should your company subscribe to the E-Platform?

  • Value Innovation - Fixed cost for 12-months continuous learning. The E-Platform is a unique product considerably less expensive per head than any other online language training products.
  • Integration – The E-Platform compliments classroom-based training resulting in blended learning solutions.
  • Flexibility - Users learn at their own pace and convenience – language, skills and techniques can be studied and revised as often as required until it’s understood.
  • Consistency - All lessons and exercises follow a consistent methodology and interface to promote user-friendliness and familiarity.
  • Geographical Coverage - Simultaneous learning locally, regionally, globally.
  • Scalability - New content every day.
  • Content - High levels of interactivity through audio, simulations & animations. Content focused on workplace English.

Corporate Subscriptions:

Online Access + Statistics Tracking (1-Year License)

  • Unlimited online access to Workplace English Training E-Platform
  • Unlimited training resource downloads from the Download Centre
  • Unlimited access to the Student Helpline
  • To see a sample proposal please click here 
  • Your company would also need to sign a Corporate Usage Agreement – please click here to see a sample agreement.
  • Please note that our Statistics Tracking System can accurately track the usage of individual staff from our server.

Free Trial

The E-Platform is available by annual corporate subscription. With a corporate subscription, all staff locally or regionally can access the platform anywhere, anytime.

We encourage companies to take a free trial of the E-Platform so they can thoroughly test it and ensure that it meets the learning needs of their staff.

If you are interested in a free trial and/or online demonstration , please contact us. One of our representatives will then call you to discuss your trial.