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Sales and Marketing

WHOLESALE PRICE /ˈhoʊlˌseɪl prīs/

16 Apr 2024


  • the price of goods charged to shops and businesses for buying large quantities of the goods
Example Sentences:The wholesale price of goods is always cheaper than the retail price.
If you buy this bed in a shop, you’ll pay around $600. However, the wholesale price is only $400.

LEAD TIME /lēd tīm/

13 Apr 2024


  • the time from when an order is sent from a customer to a supplier until the ordered products arrive at the customer
Example Sentences:Our lead time is between 7 and 10 days depending on the customer’s location.
Is there anything you can do to shorten your lead time? We need the delivery within a week.

DISCOUNT /dis′ko̵unt′/

12 Apr 2024


  • a reduction in price from the original sale price
Example Sentences:The company is offering a discount of 30% on their standard price for all goods purchased before the end of the month.
We offered them a further discount of 5% but they rejected it.

STANDING ORDER /stan′diŋ ôr′dər/

11 Apr 2024


  • Purchase order covering repeated deliveries of goods or services in specified quantities, at specified prices, and according to a specified schedule.
Example Sentences:We have a standing order for 100 reams of A4 paper each month.
Since we’re ordering regularly from this supplier, I suggest we set up a standing order with them.

REGULAR CUSTOMER /reg′yə lər kus′tə mər/

10 Apr 2024


  • a customer who often buys a product or service from the same company
Example Sentences:We generally give better sales terms to our regular customers.
As I’m a regular customer, can you offer me a bigger discount?

SALES FORCE /seɪlz fôrs/

09 Apr 2024


  • all the employees of a company whose job is persuading customers to buy their company's products or services
Example Sentences:The company has a worldwide sales force of around 3,000 people.
The company’s sales force has just been cut by 20% due to falling demand for the company’s products.

SALES COMMISSION /seɪlz kəˈmɪʃ ən/

08 Apr 2024


  • payment to a salesperson for their efforts in marketing and selling something, usually calculated as a percentage of the total sales
Example Sentences:All our sales staff earn a 2.5% commission on their sales.
He’s moving to a company that pays a much better sales commission.

CONFIRM AN ORDER / kən fʉrm′ ən ôr′dər/

07 Apr 2024


  • say by phone or in writing that the order can be processed
Example Sentences:We can deliver the goods between two to five days after you confirm the order.
Once an order is confirmed, an invoice is issued and emailed to the client.

CONTRACT OF SALE / kän′trakt′ ʌv sāl/

05 Apr 2024


  • Formal contract by which a seller agrees to sell and a buyer agrees to buy, under certain terms and conditions spelled out in writing in the document signed by both parties. An invoice, for example, is a contract of sale. Also called agreement of sale, contract for sale, sale agreement, or sale contract.
Example Sentences:An invoice is an example of a contract of sale.
Another term for contract of sale is agreement of sale.

FLAT MARKET flæt mɑrkɪt

14 Jan 2024


  • a market that is characterised by little activity.
Example Sentence: The sale of sewing machines is a flat market with few surprises.

EXCLUSIVE ɪkˈsklusɪv

11 Jan 2024


  • not shared with others; only for a certain group.
Example Sentence: They have the exclusive right to sell the product in Japan.

DIRECT MAIL dɪˈrɛkt meɪl

08 Jan 2024


  • a form of advertising when promotional letters are sent to potential customers.
Example Sentence: They started to promote their service by using direct mail.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY kʌstəmər lɔɪəlti

06 Jan 2024


  • the likelihood customers will stay with a company and resist competitive offers.
Example Sentence: The supermarket is hoping to boost customer loyalty with the new reward scheme.

COMMERCIAL kəˈmɜrʃəl

31 Dec 2023


  • an advertisement on the television.
Example Sentence: He went to make a coffee during the commercial break.

CHAIN tʃeɪn

30 Dec 2023


  • many shops that are run under the same name, brand & owner.
Example Sentence: The supermarket chain is opening a new store in the town.