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Sales and Marketing

BOTTOM LINE bɒtəm laɪn

25 Nov 2022

Phrasal Verb

  • the total, the final figure on a balance sheet.
Example Sentence: After we examined the bottom line of the company we decided not to invest in it.

BOTTOM OUT bɒtəm aʊt

24 Nov 2022

Phrasal Vetb

  • to reach the lowest or worst point.
Example Sentence: The value of the stock has begun to bottom out and it should soon begin to rise again.

A GLUTTED MARKET glʌtɪd mɑrkɪt

08 Nov 2022


  • overfull; a market that is full of a certain product or service.
Example Sentence: They went bankrupt when the used tyre market of the country became glutted by cheap imported tyres.

BRAND AWARENESS brænd əˈwɛərnɛs

28 Oct 2022


  • the extent to which a brand is recognised by the public.
Example Sentence: The ad campaign aims to boost brand awareness in the country.


26 Oct 2022


  • service that is provided after something has been sold.
Example Sentence: The company was praised for its excellent after-sales service.


25 Oct 2022


  • A feature of a product which makes it different from the rest.
Example Sentence: It's Unique Selling Point is that it is waterproof, unlike the others.

TO QUADRUPLE kwɒˈdrupəl

07 Oct 2022


  • to become four times bigger.
Example Sentence: Sales of this particular product have quadrupled in the past 2 months owing to the especially successful marketing campaign.


03 Oct 2022


  • a type of advertisement when a product or service is popularized because people tell each other about it and not because they read about it or watch adverts on TV.
Example Sentence: Experts say that word-of-mouth advertising is much more influential than any other form of publicity because it is more genuine.

BANDWAGON bændˌwægən

02 Oct 2022


  • an activity or popular view that a lot of people join or share, usually because it is fashionable; a current trend .
Example Sentence: Among others a lot of brand-name sports companies have jumped on the Japanese tsunami bandwagon and campaign with it.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT prɒdəkt pleɪsmənt

27 Sep 2022


  • a form of advertisement where a particular (branded) product can be seen e.g. in the background of a television programme or in a film as part of the set i.e. not in an advertising context.
Example Sentence: Our national television finally accepted paid product placement saying that this is a global marketing trend, after all, common in other countries.

A BALLPARK FIGURE bɔlˌpɑrk fɪgər

21 Sep 2022


  • an approximate number, a guesstimate.
Example Sentence: There were about 5 million people there, but it's just a ballpark figure.

TO REFUND rɪˈfʌnd

12 Sep 2022


  • to give a customer their money back because they are not satisfied with the product or service they have received.
Example Sentence: The shop was not willing to refund my money in full so I decided to report them to the competent authority.

TO SUBCONTRACT sʌbkənˈtrækt

07 Sep 2022


  • to pay a (third party) company or a person to carry out work that you have been given a contract to do earlier.
Example Sentence: Though we subcontracted manufacturing ages ago, we think carrying out the tasks related to design ourselves is crucial if we want to maintain the quality our customers are used to.

BRAINSTORM breɪnˌstɔrm

02 Aug 2022


  • to think together as a team, often in order to come up with a solution to a particular problem.
Example Sentence: Although we have been brainstorming for weeks, we haven't been able to find a good way of getting ahead of our competitors so far – we might need to invite an expert to help.

TO SATURATE (a market) sætʃəˌreɪt

29 Jul 2022


  • to fill a market with a certain product to such an extent that no new customer can be found.
Example Sentence: I'm afraid we've saturated the market of event organizers. Next year we'll have to diversify in order to retain the potential for growth.