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SECURITY AUDIT /sɪˈkjʊə.rɪ.ti ˈɔː.dɪt/

24 Oct 2013


  • an assessment of a security system that checks for problems and points of weakness
Example Sentences:I’ve received a report from the security audit that certain areas of our site are vulnerable to hacking.
If you feel there is still a weakness in the security of our website, we should have another security audit carried out.

SPAM /spæm/

01 Jul 2013


  • Spam is unwanted email, usually advertisements. It is also used in phishing scams and other online fraud.
Example Sentences:Since you get so much spam, why don’t you invest in a good spam filter?
I waste so much time going through spam every morning to get the real emails.

THREAT /θret/

29 Jun 2013


  • a possibility that a weakness in a computer’s system could be attacked and the computer harmed
Example Sentences:There are many threats around such as viruses, worms and trojan horses.
Make sure your computer is fully protected. Spam email could contain security threats, so don’t open them.

PHISHING /ˈfɪʃɪŋ/

27 Jun 2013


  • an attempt to trick someone who has an internet bank account into giving information that would allow someone else to take money out of the account
Example Sentences:I thought the email was from my bank. I clicked on the link but soon noticed that the website looked different. It was a phishing site.
Security experts have warned of a phishing attack claiming to be a customer survey about McDonald's.

SPYWARE /ˈspaɪ.weər/

25 Jun 2013


  • a computer program that watches what people do with their computers, and then sends that information over the Internet
Example Sentences:If you believe your computer is infected, you should also carry out a full anti-virus scan and run two or three malware and spyware cleaners, such as AdAware, Spybot and Malwarebytes.
There is an email going around containing spyware which searches for passwords on your computer and send the information out to the spyware creators.

ADWARE /ˈædˌwɛə/

23 Jun 2013


  • Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer. These advertisements can be in the form of a pop-up.
Example Sentences:Adware can clog up your computer and make it run more slowly.
Adware and spyware is a multi-billion dollar business.


21 Jun 2013


  • a program that helps to prevent unwanted windows from appearing on your screen
Example Sentences:Windows 7 includes a built-in pop-up blocker as part of its security features.

POP-UP /ˈpɒp.ʌp/

19 Jun 2013


  • a new unwanted window that opens quickly on a computer screen in front of what you are working on
Example Sentences:Be careful of that site. It has lots of pop-ups.
Pop-ups often contain advertisements.

TO CRASH /kræʃ/

17 Jun 2013


  • (of a computer system) fail suddenly
Example Sentences:A computer virus caused my computer to crash.
I took my laptop to a computer repair shop after it crashed and I was unable to start it again.

MALWARE /ˈmæl.weər/

15 Jun 2013


  • A generic term increasingly being used to describe any form of malicious software such as viruses, trojan horses, malicious code, etc.
Example Sentences:Those with infected machines will be encouraged to download free security software to remove the malware.

TROJAN HORSE /ˌtrəʊ.dʒənˈhɔːs/

13 Jun 2013


  • A trojan horse is a computer program that appears to perform a useful and innocent function. However, it contains hidden functions that use approved authorizations assigned to the user when they start the program. For example, it may copy your internal authorization information from your computer and send it back to the originator of the trojan horse.
Example Sentences:My computer is infected with a trojan horse. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of it?
You must have picked up a trojan horse from that email attachment you opened this morning.

FIREWALL /ˈfaɪə.wɔːl/

11 Jun 2013


  • a device or program that stops people getting access to a computer without permission while it is connected to the Internet
Example Sentences:If you are running a Windows operating system, make sure your Windows firewall is switched on.
The data on your PC is not secure if your firewall is switched off.


09 Jun 2013


  • A digital signature on an electronic document is equivalent to a personal signature on a written document. A digital signature provides proof of the document's origin. The certificate owner "signs" a document by using the private key that is associated with the certificate. The recipient of the document uses the corresponding public key to decrypt the signature, which verifies the sender as the source.
Example Sentences:He used a scanned copy of his signature instead of a digital one.
The entire transaction is recorded and secured using digital signature technology

ENCRYPTION /ɪnˈkrip.ʃən/

07 Jun 2013


  • the process of translating data into a secret code for protection purposes
Example Sentences:Your financial information is fully encrypted and cannot be accessed.
This file is encrypted. You will need a password to open it.


05 Jun 2013


  • When two entities are communicating with each other, and they do not want a third party to listen to their communication, then they want to pass on their message in such a way that nobody else could understand their message.
Example Sentences:I have two computers and use one only for secure communication, like online banking, and another one for anything else.
Websites which include personal details such as names and email addresses should use secure communication.