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Workplace English Training E-Platform has been one of the world's leading content developers of business English resources since 1994. The Download Centre includes a library (repository) of Business English Resources for teachers.

Business English teachers have been using our resources in thousands of classroom-based business English training courses since 1994 conducted for some of the best-known companies in the world, including many Fortune 500 companies.

The repository currently includes 2,600+ downloadable business English teaching resources from our archives. These resources replicate the learning content in the Student's Area in a downloadable and editable format.

Key Points

  • 2,600+ downloadable business English resources
  • Resources include business writing, business speaking, business vocabulary and reading lessons; dialogue transcripts, functional language reference sheets, practice cue cards, worksheets, tips, model business documents, audio/video presentations and much more.
  • All document resources are in Word format and can be edited accordingly.
  • Resources can be used alone or combined into lessons and/or tailor-made courses
  • Members can download any of the business English resources and use them in a business English class with pre-service or in-service students, in one-to-one teaching situations or to focus on a particular topic, business skill or area of business-related language.
  • Advanced repository software with easy search and download functions.