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Copyright Issues


WETE Copyright Resources

  • The repository has over 2,600 WETE copyrighted resources.

  • All copyrighted documents include the WETE logo in the document header and the copyright notice in the footer. All WETE audio files include a short intro stating that WETE is the owner of the audio recording.

  • Members can use WETE copyrighted resources in a number of ways, e.g. in training courses, in supplementary training materials, in online courses, provided that WETE is attributed as the owner of the material. Users must not delete the WETE header or footer from documents, nor remove the WETE intro from audio files.

  • Members cannot republish WETE resources online unless they have written approval from the WETE management.

  • The majority of WETE document resources are in Microsoft Word format so that users can extract the text for their own uses more easily. If you copy text from a WETE document, you must include the following footer on every page: “Copyright by Workplace English Training E-Platform http://www.workplace-english-training.com” The above applies whether you use all or part of a resource.
    “Copyright by Workplace English Training E-Platform

  • The requirement to include this copyright notice applies whether you use all or part of a resource.