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About the Resources


About the Resources

The Download Centre currently includes 2,600+ downloadable business English teaching resources from our archives. These resources replicate the resources available in the Member's Area in a downloadable and editable format, making them great for teaching and offline study. In addition we are continually adding new teaching resources.

Access to  the Resources  

Members have unlimited access to the business English resources in the Download Centre.

Resource Categorisation

Each resource has the following information:

  • Clear and specific subject heading
  • Brief description
  • Main category
  • Level
  • Resource type
  • Industry
  • File name and type

Resource File Types

  • Microsoft Word and Powerpoint for text files
  • mp3 for audio files
  • Other file types: pdf, mpeg, avi

Formatting of Text Documents

We use very limited formatting in text documents so that users can easily edit the formatting or apply their own style sheet. We commonly use ariel 10pt text with bold, underline, paragraphing, indentation and bullets.

Searching for Resources

You can search for resources using two methods:

  1. Keyword Search: Type in key words in the box immediately below the main menu. The system will search resource subject headings and descriptions.
  2. Controlled Search: This is only available on the main repository page. You can search for resources by selecting one or more options from the various drop-down menus, in addition typing key words into the search box. By leaving the key word search box empty (click on the box to clear it), the system will list all topics from the chosen drop-down(s)