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FLOATED /floʊt/

27 Jan 2020


  • start selling shares in a business or company for the first time
Example Sentences: The company plans to float next year.
We floated on the stock exchange last year.

SUBSIDIARY /səbˈsɪdiˌɛri/

26 Jan 2020


  • a company which is owned by a larger company
Example Sentences: How many subsidiaries does Hutchison Whampoa have?
We set up a subsidiary in the UK.

MERGED /mɜrdʒ/

25 Jan 2020


  • If two companies merge, they join together to form a single company
Example Sentences: When did Glaxo Welcome and Smithkline Beecham merge?
We merged with X company in 1990.

FOUNDED /faʊnd/

24 Jan 2020


  • started, set up, established a company or organisation
Example Sentences: She founded the company with a $10,000 bank loan
We were founded in 1981.

PROVE pruv

23 Nov 2019


  • Prove is the verb form of the noun proof. To prove is to show that something is true.
Example Sentences: They suspected that she'd killed him but they could never actually prove that it was her.
Computers have been used to prove mathematical theorems.

PROOF pruf

22 Nov 2019


  • Proof is a noun and means a fact or piece of information which shows that something exists or is true.
Example Sentences: Do they have any proof that it was Hampson who stole the goods?
Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ɪntlˈɛktʃuəl prɒpərti

13 Jul 2019


  • something that somebody creates which has value, esp. music, art, text, etc.
Example Sentence: The designer claims that her intellectual property rights were infringed.


12 Jul 2019


  • an aggressive attempt by a company to buy control of another company.
Example Sentence: Their French rival has launched a hostile takeover bid.

CONSORTIUM kənˈsɔrʃiəm

09 Nov 2018


  • a group of companies that cooperate and share resources.
Example Sentence: The company is part of an international consortium.

GO PUBLIC goʊ pʌblɪk

09 Aug 2018


  • to become a public company and to sell the company.
Example Sentence: The stock of the Internet company rose very quickly after the company went public.


28 Jul 2018


  • to make/draft a contract.
Example Sentence: The lawyer spent several hours drawing up a new contract.

CONTINGENCY FEE kənˈtɪndʒənsi fi

28 Jun 2018


  • (in the legal industry) a legal fee determined as a certain percentage of the award.
Example Sentence: We promised to pay a 10% contingency fee upon successful completion of the case, i.e. if we win and get our $10M compensation from the factory.

BENEFICIARY bɛnəˈfɪʃiˌɛri

06 Jun 2018


  • the person who will receive something.
Example Sentence: I was the sole beneficiary in my father's will.

ACQUISITION ˌækwəˈzɪʃən

01 Jun 2018


  • the process of getting or buying something, especially another business.
Example Sentence: The company will pay $210 million in cash to complete the acquisition.

ACQUISITION ækwəˈzɪʃən

19 Jan 2017


  • the activity when one company buys another one.
Example Sentence: Our company is planning to make acquisitions in the Far East for strategic reasons.