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Hotels and Tourism


28 Feb 2024


  • a telephone call from the hotel reception at a pre-arranged time, usually early in the morning.
Example Sentence: Could you give a wake-up call at 5.30am?




27 Feb 2024


  • a type of accommodation offering up to about 10 rooms and limited services and facilities, although breakfast is included in the price of the room .
Example Sentence: I usually stay at a bed and breakfast because they’re cheaper than hotels.




26 Feb 2024


  • If a hotel is fully booked, all the rooms are taken; there are no rooms available.
Example Sentence: I’m afraid we’re fully booked on October 31.



CONFERENCE kɒnfərəns

25 Feb 2024


  • an event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there are a group of talks on a particular subject, or a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally.
Example Sentence: They frequently hold conferences at that hotel. This week there’s a conference on marketing in China.



COMPLIMENTARY PASS kɒmpləˈmɛntəri pæs

24 Feb 2024


  • a card or voucher allowing guests to have a free meal, drink, etc. in the hotel.
Example Sentence: You can use this complimentary pass to get one free drink at our Skyline bar on the 10th floor.



CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST kɒntnˈɛntl brɛkfəst

23 Feb 2024


  • a simple morning meal consisting of fruit juice, coffee, and bread with butter and jam
Example Sentence: The breakfast menu was very small. The only choices they had were a continental breakfast or cereal.



KEYPASS ki pas

22 Feb 2024


  • an electronic key to enter a hotel room.
Example Sentence: Can you reset my keypass? It won’t let me enter my room.



BUSINESS CENTRE bɪznɪs sɛntə

21 Feb 2024


  • a room in a hotel where guests can use business facilities such as a computer, fax, printer, etc. for a fee.
Example Sentence: You send a fax from our business centre.



LOBBY lɒbi

20 Feb 2024


  • a room in the hotel, usually close to the main reception, for relaxing, including comfortable chairs and sofas.
Example Sentence: I’ll meet you in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel at 9pm.



EXECUTIVE SUITE ɪgˈzɛkyətɪv swit

19 Feb 2024


  • a large, luxury room in a hotel often including a separate bedroom and living room.
Example Sentence: The executive suite is located on the top floor of the hotel beside the health spa.



RESERVATION rɛzərˈveɪʃən

18 Feb 2024


  • when you arrange to have something such as a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant kept for you.
Example Sentence: Please confirm your reservation in writing by Friday.



DEPARTURE BOARD dɪˈpɑrtʃər bɔrd

17 Feb 2024


  • an electronic notice board giving details of all the flights leaving the airport or train station.
Example Sentence: According to the departure board, the next train to Manchester leaves in 10 minutes.



DOMESTIC DEPARTURES dəˈmɛstɪk dɪˈpɑrtʃərs

16 Feb 2024


  • flights leaving for destinations within the same country
Example Sentence: Do I need to show my passport for domestic departures?



INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURES ɪntərˈnæʃənl dɪˈpɑrtʃərs

15 Feb 2024


  • flights leaving for destinations overseas (in a different country)
Example Sentence: All international departures have been cancelled due to the weather.



SKYTRAIN skaɪ treɪn

14 Feb 2024


  • a train connecting a concourse with the boarding gates.
Example Sentence: For gates 500-540 you need to take the skytrain from the airport main concourse.