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SKYTRAIN skaɪ treɪn

21 Apr 2013


  • a train connecting a concourse with the boarding gates.
Example Sentence: For gates 500-540 you need to take the skytrain from the airport main concourse.




20 Apr 2013


  • the large space or room in a public building such as a station or airport which people gather in or pass through.
Example Sentence: There are plenty of shops and restaurants in the airport concourse.



GATE geɪt

19 Apr 2013


  • a part of an airport where travellers are allowed to get on or off a particular aircraft.
Example Sentence: All passengers for flight LH103 please proceed to gate 16.



BOARD bɔrd

18 Apr 2013


  • get onto a boat, train or aircraft
Example Sentence: At London airport she boarded a plane to Australia.



BOARDING PASS bɔrdɪŋ pæs

17 Apr 2013


  • a card that a passenger must have to be allowed to enter a plane
Example Sentence: You must show your passport and boarding pass to the immigration official.




16 Apr 2013


  • refers to luggage, the small bag(s), you can take on board the plane
Example Sentence: Most airlines limit the weight of carry-on luggage to 7 kilos.



LEG ROOM lɛg rʊm

15 Apr 2013


  • the amount of room between your seat and the seat in front of you on a plane or train.
Example Sentence: I’m very tall so I like a seat with plenty of leg room.



FIRST CLASS fɜrst klæs

14 Apr 2013


  • This is the highest class of travel on offer to the passenger on a train or plane. It offers more space and luxury.
Example Sentence: In first class, passengers can fully recline their seats.



UPGRADE ʌpˌgreɪd

13 Apr 2013


  • move from a lower class of seat on a plane/train etc. to a higher class of seat.
Example Sentence: I was upgraded to business class on my last flight to Hong Kong.



FREQUENT FLIER frikwənt flaɪər

12 Apr 2013


  • A frequent flier is a person who often travels by plane, especially someone who usually uses the same airline and belongs to that airline's club, which provides them with special advantages such as free flights.
Example Sentence: We are continually looking to offer our frequent flyers an upgraded experience.



AISLE SEAT aɪl sit

11 Apr 2013


  • An aisle seat is a seat next to the long corridor running down a plane/train, etc.
Example Sentence: I prefer an aisle seat on a plane so that I can easily go to the toilet.



RESERVED SEAT rɪˈzɜrvd sit

10 Apr 2013


  • A seat on a plane/train, etc booked and usually paid for in advance, in the name of the traveller.
Example Sentence: Sir, your reserved seat is at the end of the carriage on the left – seat number 34C.



PASSPORT pæspɔrt

09 Apr 2013


  • an official document, often a small book, that you need to enter or leave a country,
Example Sentence: I’ve just renewed by British passport for 10 years.




08 Apr 2013


  • make an arrangement to have something kept for you, for example, a seat on an aircraft, a room at a hotel or table at a restaurant.
Example Sentence: It is advisable to make a reservation several days in advance.



VACCINATION væksəˈneɪʃən

07 Apr 2013


  • medicine that will prevent a person that is going travelling from diseases.
Example Sentence: I am going to volunteer to work with a charity in Africa. I must have many vaccinations before I am allowed to travel.