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REGULATOR rɛgyəˌleɪtər

02 Jun 2020


  • an organisation or body that controls an area of industry and monitors its fair operation.
Example Sentence: The Spanish regulator has not released any details about the new tender for spectrums so far.


01 Jun 2020


  • to practise e.g. a presentation before actually delivering it.
Example Sentence: It is important to rehearse before delivering a presentation, partly because you can gain the necessary confidence this way.

PURVEYOR pərˈveɪər

31 May 2020


  • a company that supplies goods or services.
Example Sentence: Although we've just entered the market, we'd like to become the number one purveyor of fine wines and rare spirits within a year.

TO DISRUPT dɪsˈrʌpt

30 May 2020


  • to interrupt the normal continuity of the operation of something; to cause disorder in something.
Example Sentence: The natural catastrophe disrupted commerce and business in general in the whole country.

TO SUBCONTRACT sʌbkənˈtrækt

29 May 2020


  • to pay a (third party) company or a person to carry out work that you have been given a contract to do earlier.
Example Sentence: Though we subcontracted manufacturing ages ago, we think carrying out the tasks related to design ourselves is crucial if we want to maintain the quality our customers are used to.


28 May 2020


  • to stop taking part in something or doing something.
Example Sentence: Air Asia withdrew its flights from Heathrow Airport in October.

TO ROLL OUT roʊlˌaʊt

27 May 2020


  • to launch a new product or service in a market.
Example Sentence: We have just finished testing our new product line and we are planning to roll it out early next year.

SLUSH FUND slʌʃ slʌʃ

26 May 2020


  • a certain amount of money kept for illegal and/or dishonest purposes, mainly for politics OR a reserve fund (not necessarily in the context of corruption).
Example Sentence: We all know that almost all the parties in this country have money that can be used as a little slush fund when needed.

CONSIDERABLE kənˈsɪdərəbəl

25 May 2020


  • significant, large.
Example Sentence: The earthquake last week was devastating. The damage to our business operations was considerable.

TO BRIBE braɪb

24 May 2020


  • to give someone (e.g. a civil servant) money (usually illegally) in the hope that they will do something for you in exchange.
Example Sentences: My son didn't want to do his homework so I bribed him with a big bar of chocolate.
Today someone tried to bribe me to give him a loan with better conditions but I refused to do so and immediately reported her to the management of the bank.


23 May 2020


  • to decrease/go down very quickly (and perhaps unexpectedly).
Example Sentence: We wanted to sell our share in the business but then share prices plummeted and we decided to wait some more time.

TO DOWNSIZE daʊnˌsaɪz

22 May 2020


  • to cut the number of employees because the company wants to reduce costs.
Example Sentence: When the company decided to 'let me go' because they were downsizing, I started to panic. It took me two weeks to calm down and start thinking about what's next.

TO RELOCATE riˈloʊkeɪt

21 May 2020


  • to find a new location for a company to operate.
Example Sentence: The minimum wage in this country has gone up significantly. I'm afraid we'll have to relocate soon. How about South East Asia?


20 May 2020


  • to find the right pace of work and to become effective.
Example Sentence: It was very hard to get into gear at work this morning after last night's party but I think now I'm more or less OK


19 May 2020


  • to hold the price of a product, service, salaries, wages etc at the same level for some time.
Example Sentence: The government has decided to freeze wages in the public sector due to the after-effects of the economic crisis.