Banking and Finance

BOND bɒnd

27 Sep 2019


  • Certificate issued by companies and governments to its lenders.
Example Sentences: Bonds are considered a safe investment as they are guaranteed by governments.

STAKEHOLDER /stāk′hōl′dər/

26 Sep 2019


  • Person, group, or organization that has direct or indirect stake in an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives, and policies. Key stakeholders in a business organization include creditors, customers, directors, employees, government (and its agencies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the community from which the business draws its resources.
Example Sentences:As one of the major stakeholders in the company, we have three representatives on the board of directors.
Who is the biggest stakeholder in this company?

STANDING ORDER /stændɪŋ ɔrdər/

16 Sep 2019


  • A standing order is an instruction to a bank to pay some money at regular times to another bank account.
Example Sentence: The electricity company requires all its customers to settle their bills by standing order.

AVAILABLE BALANCE /ə vāl′ə bəl bal′əns/

09 Sep 2019


  • The available balance is the portion of a customer's bank account balance on which the bank has placed no restrictions, making it available for immediate withdrawals.
Example Sentences:Would you like to transfer all your available balance into your fixed deposit account, sir?
My available balance is the same as my ledger balance so those cheques must have cleared.

LEDGER BALANCE /lej′ər bal′əns/

08 Sep 2019


  • The Ledger Balance is the balance in a bank account at the beginning of each day, also known as the current balance. It includes all deposits and withdrawals that were posted from the previous night, whether or not funds have been collected.
Example Sentences:Although my ledger balance looks quite healthy, my available balance is only $10. I have to wait a couple more days for those cheques to clear.

GO BANKRUPT /goʊ baŋkrupt/

07 Sep 2019


  • If a person or company goes bankrupt, they are unable to pay what you owe, and have control of your financial matters given, by a court of law, to a person who sells your property to pay your debts.
Example Sentences:He went bankrupt after only a year in business.
The recession has led to many small businesses going bankrupt.

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS /ɪnsəˈfɪʃənt fʌnd/

05 Sep 2019


  • not enough money in an account.
Example Sentences: The cheque was returned because of insufficient funds.

INVESTMENT BANKING /ɪnˈvɛst mənt ˈbæŋ kɪŋ/

03 Sep 2019


  • Investment Banking is a division of banking which includes business entities dealing with creation of capital for other companies. In addition to acting as agents or underwriters for companies in the process of issuing securities, investment banks also advise companies on matters related to the issue and placement of stock.
Example Sentences:What percentage of HSBC’s profits come from its investment banking division?
The bank’s investment banking division performed poorly last year due to the stock market crashes in South America.

LAUNDERED MONEY /ˈlɔn dərɜrd ˈmʌn i/

02 Sep 2019


  • Laundered Money are funds sent through numerous bank accounts one after another in an attempt to hide the source of the money.
Example Sentences:The government has taken precautions to ensure that laundered money does not enter the country unnoticed.
All banks now have to inform the authorities if they suspect laundered money.

LIABILITIES /ˌlaɪ əˈbɪl ɪ teez/

01 Sep 2019


  • Liabilities include accounts payable (money you owe to suppliers), plus all current costs of doing business (mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, salaries, utilities).
Example Sentences:The business has liabilities of $2 million.
If our liabilities increase further, we’ll have to consider closing down the company.

NET WORTH /nɛt/ /wɜrθ/

31 Aug 2019


  • Net Worth is the value of a person’s assets, including cash, minus total liabilities. It is often used as an underwriting guideline to indicate an individual's creditworthiness and financial strength.
Example Sentences:He may appear to be rich, but his net worth is quite small, actually. He has 95% mortgages on most of his properties.
Bill Gates’ net worth increased dramatically over the past year due to the good performance of Microsoft’s shares.

LOAN /loʊn/

30 Aug 2019

noun or verb

  • A loan is a written or oral agreement for a temporary transfer of a property (usually cash) from its owner (the lender) to a borrower who promises to return it according to the terms of the agreement, usually with interest for its use.
  • If you loan something, such as money, to someone, you lend it to them. You expect them to return it later to you.
Example Sentences:The bank gave me a loan of $3,000.
Can you loan me $10?

FLIGHT OF CAPITAL flaɪt ʌv kæpɪtl

29 Aug 2019


  • large-scale withdrawal of investment from a country.
Example Sentence: The recent flight of capital was caused by political unrest.

CURRENCY CONTROL kɜrənsi kənˈtroʊl

19 Aug 2019


  • controlling the exchange of foreign money to protect domestic interests.
Example Sentence: The national bank is introducing currency controls to support industry.

RAISE CAPITAL reɪz kæpɪtl

21 Jul 2019


  • to try to get money for a business venture.
Example Sentence: The factory was sold to raise capital.