DEREGULATION diˈrɛgyəˌleɪt

21 Aug 2019


  • the reduction of rules that aim to control an industry .
Example Sentence: Their success is partly due to deregulation of the industry.

DECENTRALISE diˈsɛntrəˌlaɪz

22 Jun 2019


  • to move control of an organisation from one (central) body to several smaller ones.
Example Sentence: Many attempts have been made in recent years to decentralise power.

POLICY pɒləsi

06 Jun 2019


  • a plan of what to do in certain situations; a set of ideas.
Example Sentence: The company has a clear policy on dealing with bullying.

LOOPHOLE lupˌhoʊ

27 May 2019


  • a mistake in the law that allows people to do something that they should not.
Example Sentence: Their lawyers found a loophole in the law and they were acquited.

INCOME BRACKET ɪnkʌm brækɪt

25 May 2019


  • a category of taxpayers based on their level of income.
Example Sentence: The tax will mainly effect people in the higher income bracket.

FREE MARKET fri mɑrkɪt

21 May 2019


  • a market that is not influenced by the government.
Example Sentence: He supports a free market for goods in Europe.

DOMESTIC dəˈmɛstɪk

20 Mar 2019


  • relating to a country's internal economy or businesses.
Example Sentence: They are attempting to protect the domestic industries.

BOOM bum

02 Mar 2019


  • a period of economic improvement and increased consumption.
Example Sentence: There was a boom in the 1980s in the UK.

ALLIANCE əˈlaɪəns

25 Feb 2019


  • a group which is held together by an agreement, especially political or military.
Example Sentence: The UK and US formed a military alliance in Iraq.

RECESSION rɪˈsɛʃən

02 Dec 2018


  • a period of economic decline and reduced consumption.
Example Sentence: After the boom of the 1980's the UK economy went into recession.

RED TAPE rɛd teɪp

02 Oct 2018


  • rules and regulations that seem unnecessary.
Example Sentence: There is a lot of red tape when you try to start up a new business.

BIPARTISAN baɪˈpɑrtəzən

30 Jun 2018


  • involving two political parties.
Example Sentence: Yesterday there was a bipartisan meeting on the issue of health care reform at the headquarters of the governing party.


28 May 2018


  • to give rights, some land, an area, a part of something to another person/company/country etc, usually unwillingly.
Example Sentence: In 1664 New Amsterdam was ceded to the British.

FORECAST fɔrˌkæst

26 May 2018


  • prediction; a statement concerning the future of something (e.g. a market segment, a product, exchange rates).
Example Sentence: The agency issued a gloomy forecast about the future of the sector.

LAISSEZ-FAIRE lɛseɪ ˈfɛr

20 May 2018


  • a style of management when the manager sets the task and then allows the employees to complete it with more or less independence and with only a minimal involvement from his side.
Example Sentence: The laissez-faire management style of the CEO really inspires colleagues and spurs growth.