POLICY pɒləsi

06 Jun 2019


  • a plan of what to do in certain situations; a set of ideas.
Example Sentence: The company has a clear policy on dealing with bullying.

LOOPHOLE lupˌhoʊ

27 May 2019


  • a mistake in the law that allows people to do something that they should not.
Example Sentence: Their lawyers found a loophole in the law and they were acquited.

INCOME BRACKET ɪnkʌm brækɪt

25 May 2019


  • a category of taxpayers based on their level of income.
Example Sentence: The tax will mainly effect people in the higher income bracket.

FREE MARKET fri mɑrkɪt

21 May 2019


  • a market that is not influenced by the government.
Example Sentence: He supports a free market for goods in Europe.

DOMESTIC dəˈmɛstɪk

20 Mar 2019


  • relating to a country's internal economy or businesses.
Example Sentence: They are attempting to protect the domestic industries.

BOOM bum

02 Mar 2019


  • a period of economic improvement and increased consumption.
Example Sentence: There was a boom in the 1980s in the UK.

ALLIANCE əˈlaɪəns

25 Feb 2019


  • a group which is held together by an agreement, especially political or military.
Example Sentence: The UK and US formed a military alliance in Iraq.