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BIPARTISAN baɪˈpɑrtəzən

06 Aug 2020


  • involving two political parties.
Example Sentence: Yesterday there was a bipartisan meeting on the issue of health care reform at the headquarters of the governing party.


05 Aug 2020


  • to work in a certain period of the day after and/or before another group of workers.
Example Sentence: After working on the night shift for half a year, James realized his sleep pattern became extremely problematic – he wasn't able to sleep at night on his days-off anymore.

CONTINGENCY FEE kənˈtɪndʒənsi fi

04 Aug 2020


  • (in the legal industry) a legal fee determined as a certain percentage of the award.
Example Sentence: We promised to pay a 10% contingency fee upon successful completion of the case, i.e. if we win and get our $10M compensation from the factory.

CAPPED FEE kæpt fi

03 Aug 2020


  • the maximum a company can charge for its services.
Example Sentence: The government has announced to cap tuition fees at $500 per month.

FLAT FEE flæt fi

02 Aug 2020


  • a fixed fee for a service that remains unchanged regardless of usage (e.g. a law firm is not paid by the hour for its services in a particular case but the type of case has a fixed fee)
Example Sentence: We will assist you with any business related legal issue and we offer you a flat fee payment option.

A GLUTTED MARKET glʌtɪd mɑrkɪt

01 Aug 2020


  • overfull; a market that is full of a certain product or service.
Example Sentence: They went bankrupt when the used tyre market of the country became glutted by cheap imported tyres.

GREEN SHOOTS grin ʃuts

31 Jul 2020


  • signs of recovery in times of an economic crisis or downturn.
Example Sentence: Today our chief economic correspondent will look at whether there are green shoots in the house building market this spring.

BLUE CHIP blu tʃɪp

30 Jul 2020


  • a company/investment that is usually profitable; whose shares that can be traded profitably and reliably in the stock market.
Example Sentence: US blue chip stocks fell today as the housing sector remains deeply depressed.

LIABLE laɪəbəl

29 Jul 2020


  • likely to happen.
Example Sentence: Interest rates are liable to rise if market conditions don't change.

APTITUDE TEST æptɪˌtud tɛst

28 Jul 2020


  • a test which measures a person's ability to do a certain job
Example Sentence: Candidates will be required to complete an aptitude test.

AXE æksɪz

27 Jul 2020


  • to suddenly reduce or stop providing something.
Example Sentence: The product was axed a mere five weeks after it was launched.

AMORTISATION əˌmɔːtaɪˈzeɪʃən

26 Jul 2020


  • the repayment of debt in small regular amounts.
Example Sentence: Company earnings before interest, tax and amortisation grew by 10%.

BAD DEBT bæd dɛt

25 Jul 2020


  • money that is owed but unlikely to be paid back.
Example Sentence: The bank's losses were caused by bad debt.

ASSIGN əˈsaɪn

24 Jul 2020


  • to give a particular job or task to somebody.
Example Sentence: The job of finding more seats for the event was assigned to Paul.

AGEISM eɪdʒɪzəm

23 Jul 2020


  • to treat somebody unfairly because of their age.
Example Sentence: She claims that she was refused the job because of ageism.