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Corporate Subscriptions FAQs


If you cannot find an answer to your question below concerning corporate subscriptions, please contact us via the Contact Us page. Just follow the link at the top of the page.

  • What is a corporate subscription to the E-Platform and how long does it run for?

    With a corporate subscription, all staff locally or regionally can access the E-Platform anywhere, anytime.

    Some companies decide to pay for a fixed number of users instead.

    Corporate subscriptions run for 1 year and need to be renewed annually.

    We offer companies a number of subscription options to meet their specific needs and we'd be happy to discuss this with you.

  • How can our company subscribe to the E-Platform?

    The E-Platform is available by annual corporate subscription.

    We will contact you and supply you with information about the E-Platform including a sample proposal.

    To see a sample proposal please click on either of these two links: WETE Proposal (pdf format)  or WETE Proposal (pps slide show)

    A face-to-face or online meeting is then arranged to demonstrate the E-Platform and answer any questions you may have.

    If the product is deemed suitable to your company, we will send you a usage agreement to sign and return. When we have received your signed usage agreement, we will send you an invoice for payment.

    Finally, you will then be issued with a username and password and User Guides for you to distribute to your staff.

    Staff will use username and password on the 1st login screen. Then each staff can choose their own username and password to set up a sub-account. We can track usage of all sub-accounts.

  • Can we get a Free Corporate Trial to the E-Platform?

    We encourage companies to take a free trial of the E-Platform, so they can thoroughly test it and ensure that it meets the learning needs of their staff.


    If you are interested in a free trial, please contact us. One of our representatives will then call you to discuss your trial. 

  • Which staff would benefit from using the E-Platform?

    The E-Platform is designed for adult learners who have an English language level between elementary and upper-intermediate, and who need to use English at work.

    All exercises are graded
    according to the ALTE methodology

    The E-Platform works particularly well for learners who are dedicated and self-motivated in self-improvement.

    The E-Platform is an invaluable resource for staff
    that require English for specific purposes on demand, or for those who want to supplement existing business English training programs.

    The E-Platform will benefit
    managers and executives, in particular, who spend a lot of time proofing and correcting documents. Managers can use the E-Platform to develop their staffs writing competency.

  • Why should we choose the E-Platform?

    Here are a number of reasons why:


    • Value Innovation - Fixed cost for 12-months access to the Learning Centre. The E-Platform is a unique product considerably less expensive per head than any other online language training
    • Integration - The E-Platform compliments classroom-based training resulting in blended learning solutions
    • Flexibility - Users learn at their own pace and convenience – language, skills and techniques can be studied and revised as often as required until it’s understood
    • Consistency - All exercises follow a consistent methodology and interface to promote user-friendliness and familiarity
    • Geographical Coverage - Simultaneous learning locally, regionally, globally
    • Content - High levels of interactivity through audio, video, simulations & animations. Content focused on workplace English
    • Community Forum – Promotes user to user knowledge sharing.
  • What are the benefits of taking a Corporate Subscription to the E-Platform?

    Although the E-Platform may not have all the bells and whistles that certain competitors offer, the quantity and quality of our learning content as well as the delivery of interactive exercises through the Clarity authoring system, are equal to or better than our main competitors. These are the main benefits:

    • High quality learning content with consistent methodology
    • Delivery of interactive exercises through Clarity.
    • User-defined learning paths based on student level allowing step-by-step progression
    • Continuous learning while traditional online course come to an end
    • Regular content updates
    • Email newsletter updates
    • User evaluation
    • Usage statistics on request
    • Company-wide training across different locations
    • Low cost training

    Most competitors charge per user, meaning that training large numbers of staff can be very expensive. The E-Platform provides continuous training to ALL staff within a given location or locations at a fraction of the cost


  • Which companies already subscribe to the E-Platform?

    Click here for a sample list of Corporate Clients.

  • What support do Corporate Subscribers receive?

    With the E-Platform, you not only receive a quality e-learning platform, but also a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager. We value the relationship with you and will work with you to promote and support the E-Platform in your organisation.

    Our corporate subscribers will receive:

    • WETE User guide
    • WETE HR Statistics Tracking Guide
    • WETE End User Registration Guide
    • WETE Intranet Set-up Guide
    • Promotional Posters
    • Automatic Content Updates by Email Newsletter
    • Regular tips for promoting WETE
    • Dedicated technical support team.

    If you would like all your staff or a group of staff to be automatically subscribed, just provide us with a database of names, staff ID numbers, and company email addresses and our technicians will do the rest.

  • How can we promote the E-Platform in our company?

    Here are a number of suggestions:


    • Invite a WETE consultant to give a 45 minute demonstration to key staff at the start of your subscription.
    • Encourage users to sign up to our Business Word of the Day, Business English Tip of the Week, English Bites, In-depth Tips from Dr English and Workplace English Podcasts. Users can do this by selecting from a range of email Newsletters at
    • Encourage users to post their queries about English to the WETE Student Helpline.
    • Each month email your staff the link to the WETE Monthly Content Showcase page
    • Put the WETE promotional poster on departmental notice boards.
    • Mention WETE in your company newsletter.
    • Reproduce partial or complete articles from WETE in your company newsletter with a link back to the original article/practice exercises.
    • Tie in WETE with your English training courses or workplace skills courses. We can provide you with a document detailing how to do this.
    • Send bi-weekly English tips via email taken from the Tip of the Week section of the platform with a link back to the original tip online.
    • Have your own monthly competition based on a part of the WETE site. Possibly provide prizes or recognition to staff who win or perform well in activities. (Monthly English Achievement Award)
    • Each month have a one hour lunch club where pre-selected staff have to present what they have learnt and found useful from the e-magazine or learning centre.
  • How do we renew our Corporate Subscription?

    Your E-Platform Agent will stay in regular contact with your company throughout the subscription period to handle any queries related to the E-Platform.

    Two months before the subscription expires your E-Platform Agent will contact you and provide you with:

    • Comprehensive Usage Statistics for your company covering the previous 10 months.
    • An Online Evaluation Questionnaire where your staff can provide their own evaluation of the E-Platform. The results of which will then be consolidated and sent to your company for review.
    • A new Usage Agreement with the Subscription quote for the next year.
  • How much does a Corporate Subscription to the E-Platform cost?

    The cost of a corporate subscription to WETE depends on the number of users and the number of countries having access to the e-Platform. For a quotation, please contact us.

  • Why is the E-Platform effective in companies?

    • Language acquisition is an on-going process. The Platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime!
    • It focuses only on the type of English that staff need to use at work. Thus, the learning achieved by your staff will directly benefit your company.
    • It is topic-categorised and searchable so your staff can find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. Such a facility will help them with day-to-day English tasks.
    • It is the most cost-effective way of training large numbers of staff, especially if they are based in different locations.
  • How does the E-Platform differ from other online language training products?

    • It offers continuous training, rather than a fixed-length course with a start and finish.
    • It focuses only on work-related English training, unlike other online products that include general English training.
    • It is as much a Business English reference resource as a training resource.
    • It is considerably less expensive than any other form of online language training currently available.
  • What are the benefits of the E-Platform to your staff?

    • It provides an on-going development of language skills specifically related to work.
    • It provides your staff easy access to model business documents, dialogues and practice exercises which will help them perform work-related tasks in English.
  • What level of Usage Statistics do you provide?

    This is not a training course, so we cannot evaluate how much your staff have learned by using the product. We can, however, provide you with regular statistics on how often your staff have accessed our site. Usage will also depend on how you promote the product within your company.

    The type of Usage Statistics we offer:

    : (for companies)

    • All staff login with the same username and password. Stats include the number of users, hits, time offline, etc.
    • We will provide each client with an html link to their usage stats at the end of their subscription.

    DUAL LOGIN ACCOUNTS: (for companies)

    • All staff begin with the same primary login details but choose their own secondary login details (to create sub - accounts)
    • Usage stats can be checked on request by the client anytime.

    IP RANGE ACCOUNTS: (for educational institutions)

    • This is for educational institutions where login is automatic for students using on-campus internet connections within a given I.P. range. Clients need to provide us with their IP range so we can set this up on our server.