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Business Word/Phrase of the Day

word-phrase-descEvery day we publish a business word or phrase together with audio pronunciation, phonetics, definition and example sentences. This is a great way to improve your workplace vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. To receive 'Business Word/Phrase of the Day' by email, just subscribe to our newsletter from the link above. 

ANNUAL PREMIUM ænyuəl primiəm

22 Oct 2021


  • the cost of the insurance paid every year.
Example Sentence: The annual premium is paid on the first of March.



FESTIVAL fɛstəvəl

21 Oct 2021


  • a time of celebration or ceremony.
Example Sentence: The festival in Phuket will be celebrated in September this year.



QUARTERLY PREMIUM kwɔrtərli primiəm

20 Oct 2021


  • the cost of the insurance, paid every 3 months.
Example Sentence: The quarterly premium is the annual premium divided by four.



PREMIUM primiəm

19 Oct 2021


  • an amount to be paid for an insurance policy.
Example Sentence: My auto insurance premium increased by 25% this year because I had to make a claim last year.



ECOTOURISM ɛkoʊˈtʊərɪzəm

18 Oct 2021


  • environmentally friendly tourism, usually to a place of nature.
Example Sentence: We have a new ecotourism centre in our village where you can find out about our natural farming techniques.



ROUTE raʊt

17 Oct 2021


  • the way or the roads you travel to get to your destination.
Example Sentence: The route from the airport to our hotel takes in some stunning views of the ocean.



POLICY pɒləsi

16 Oct 2021


  • a plan of what to do in certain situations; a set of ideas.
Example Sentence: The company has a clear policy on dealing with bullying.

DEPARTURE dɪˈpɑrtʃər

15 Oct 2021


  • the act of leaving or going away.
Example Sentence: Departure time will be 3pm tomorrow. Please be packed and ready to leave!



FIRE INSURANCE faɪər ɪnˈʃʊər əns

14 Oct 2021


  • insurance which covers a home in case of fire.
Example Sentence: Fire insurance premiums are generally higher if you live in an old house or apartment building.

DESTINATION dɛstəˈneɪʃən

13 Oct 2021


  • the place someone is travelling to.
Example Sentence: Our final destination today will be a restaurant on the beach for a sunset dinner.



THEFT INSURANCE θɛft ɪnˈʃʊər əns

12 Oct 2021


  • insurance which covers a home in case it is robbed or broken into by a thief.
Example Sentence: My computer and flat screen tv were both stolen and since I didn’t have theft insurance, I had to replace them both!

ACCOMMODATION əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən

11 Oct 2021


  • a place where people can live or sleep.
Example Sentence: We have not decided on our accommodation yet. We might stay with friends, in a hotel or maybe even rent a cottage!



HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE hoʊmˌoʊ nərs ɪnˈʃʊər əns

10 Oct 2021


  • insurance which covers a person’s home in case of fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, theft, etc.
Example Sentence: After the typhoon last year, I was so glad that I had opened a homeowners insurance policy!

BROCHURE broʊˈʃʊər

09 Oct 2021


  • a small leaflet or booklet usually advertising or giving some information.
Example Sentence: Please take a look at our brochure. It has all the details and opening times of the local museums.



LIFE INSURANCE laɪf ɪnˈʃʊər əns

08 Oct 2021


  • insurance which pays family members when the person insured dies; usually pays more if the person dies by accident.
Example Sentence: I am thinking about getting life insurance to protect my family in case of an accident.