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Business Word/Phrase of the Day

word-phrase-descEvery day we publish a business word or phrase together with audio pronunciation, phonetics, definition and example sentences. This is a great way to improve your workplace vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. To receive 'Business Word/Phrase of the Day' by email, just subscribe to our newsletter from the link above. 


07 Jun 2024


  • A draught is a current of unpleasantly cold air blowing through a room. (confusingly in US English they use 'draft' to mean this).
Example Sentences: Can you shut the door? - there's a terrible draught coming through.

EXCEPT ɪkˈsɛpt

06 Jun 2024


  • Except is a preposition meaning not including or but not.
Example Sentences: The museum is open daily except Monday(s).
The government has few options except to keep interest rates high.

ACCEPT ækˈsɛpt

05 Jun 2024


  • Accept means to consider something or someone as satisfactory. It can also mean to agree to take something.
Example Sentences: My boss accepted my excuse for coming late to work.
Do you accept credit cards?

DRAFT drɑft

04 Jun 2024


  • A draft is a piece of text, a formal suggestion or a drawing in its original state, often containing the main ideas and intentions but not the developed form.
Example Sentences: This is only a rough draft - the finished article will have pictures as well.
She asked me to check the (first) draft of her proposal.


03 Jun 2024


  • If something is coarse, it is rude and offensive. Coarse can also be used to mean rough and not soft.
Example Sentences: My boss is always telling coarse jokes.
The sand is very coarse on this beach.

REMAINDER rɪˈmeɪndər

02 Jun 2024


  • The remainder is the part of something that is left after the other parts have gone, been used, or been taken away
Example Sentences: I ate most of it and gave the remainder to the dog.
It rained the first day but the remainder of the trip was lovely.

REMINDER rɪˈmaɪndər

01 Jun 2024


  • A reminder is a written or spoken message which reminds someone to do something.
Example Sentences: If he forgot to pay his rent, his landlady would send him a reminder.
Mum sent me off with a final reminder to be back before 11pm.

ENSURE ɛnˈʃʊər

31 May 2024


  • To ensure is make something certain to happen.
Example Sentences: The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft.
The role of the police is to ensure (that) the law is obeyed.

ASSURE əˈʃʊər

30 May 2024


  • If you assure someone, you tell them confidently that something is true, especially so that they do not worry.
Example Sentences: The unions assured the new owners of the workers' loyalty to the company.
She assured him (that) the car would be ready the next day.

PERSONNEL pɜrsəˈnɛl

29 May 2024


  • Personnel means employees or staff.
Example Sentences: The personnel department looked after 100 employees.
If you want to apply for a job please contact the personnel department.

PERSONAL pɜrsənl

28 May 2024


  • Personal means individual or private - a letter that is only to be opened by the person it is addressed to may be marked 'personal'.
Example Sentences: She left the room to take a personal phone call.
The letter had 'personal' on the envelope so she didn’t open it.

LICENCE līˈsəns

27 May 2024


  • A licence is an official document which gives you permission to own, do or use something, usually after you have paid money and/or taken a test. (UK ENGLISH: License)
Example Sentences: Do you need a licence to operate a fork-lift truck?
The police officer checked his driving licence.

FREELANCER friˌlænsər

26 May 2024


  • someone who earns their living by selling their work/services to different employers or companies without a (long-term) contract.
Example Sentence: As a freelancer, you cannot afford to be lazy and just wait for orders to come in – you really have to be pro-active.


25 May 2024


  • License is used as a verb meaning to give someone official permission to do or have something.
Example Sentences: Several companies have been licensed to sell these products.
If the product is not licensed to you, you cannot use it.


24 May 2024


  • To call it quits is to stop doing something, or to agree with someone that a debt has been paid and that no one owes anything more.
Example Sentences: I reckon we owe you about the same as you owe us. Why don't we just call it quits?
I paid for last week's shopping and you paid for this week's, so let's call it quits.