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RETAIL riteɪl

06 Apr 2020


  • related to the selling of goods in small quantities (e.g. in a store).
Example Sentence: The retail price was reduced by 30% after the holidays.

PERCENTAGE pərˈsɛntɪdʒ

05 Apr 2020


  • rate or proportion out of 100.
Example Sentence: A percentage of the income will be given to a local charity.

BREACH britʃ

04 Apr 2020


  • to make a breach (break) or opening in OR to act contrary to….
Example Sentence: After the breach in security new officers were hired.

INVOICE ɪnvɔɪs

03 Apr 2020


  • a detailed bill for items or service.
Example Sentence: The invoice was received by the customer within two weeks.


02 Apr 2020


  • ability to bend, change or adapt without breaking.
Example Sentence: During a period of change it is important to have flexibility.

VENDOR vɛndər

01 Apr 2020


  • someone who sells something.
Example Sentence: The street vendor offered a range of products made by local people.


31 Mar 2020


  • to transfer from public or government control or ownership to private enterprise.
Example Sentence: The privatization of health care is an important issue.

STATISTICS stəˈtɪstɪks

30 Mar 2020


  • numerical facts or data.
Example Sentence: Recent statistics have shown an increase in the test subject’s reaction time.

INCENTIVE ɪnˈsɛntɪv

29 Mar 2020


  • something which encourages somebody to do something.
Example Sentence: The tax incentives are aimed at attracting more foreign business.

REMORTGAGE reɪmɔrgɪdʒ

28 Mar 2020


  • arrange a second mortgage (= an agreement with a bank or similar organization in which you borrow money to buy property), or increase the first mortgage, especially in order to obtain more money.
Example Sentence: In order to raise funds to pay off my debts, I’ve had to remortgage my apartment.

MORTGAGE mɔrgɪdʒ

27 Mar 2020


  • An agreement which allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization, especially in order to buy a house or an apartment.
Example Sentence: Banks are now being a lot more cautious about who they lend money to. It’s getting much more difficult to arrange a mortgage on a property.


26 Mar 2020


  • profit (or loss) on an investment, often expressed as a percentage.
Example Sentence: I initially invested $50,000 in the company. In the past 5 years, the company has paid me $150,000 in profit share. That’s what I call an excellent return on investment.

HEDGE FUNDS hɛdʒ fʌnd

25 Mar 2020


  • Hedge funds are speculative funds which make large bets on market movements. They utilize borrowed money to substantially leverage their returns (and losses), often at a factor of ten to one, or more. They purchase exotic securities and also take substantial short positions when they think the market or a particular sector of the market will go down.
Example Sentence: Hedge funds are extremely risky and are suitable for high-wealth investors only.

CASH RICH kæʃ rɪtʃ

24 Mar 2020


  • describes someone who has most of the wealth in cash.
Example Sentence: I keep all my money in the bank in a high-interest account. I consider myself to be cash rich.

NET WORTH /nɛt/ /wɜrθ/

23 Mar 2020


  • Net Worth is the value of a person’s assets, including cash, minus total liabilities. It is often used as an underwriting guideline to indicate an individual's creditworthiness and financial strength.
Example Sentences:He may appear to be rich, but his net worth is quite small, actually. He has 95% mortgages on most of his properties.
Bill Gates’ net worth increased dramatically over the past year due to the good performance of Microsoft’s shares.