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REVAMP riˈvæmp

24 Jul 2019


  • to change something in order to make it better and more modern.
Example Sentence: The company plans to revamp all its outlets over the coming year.

RESTRUCTURE riˈstrʌktʃər

23 Jul 2019


  • to make changes to the organisation of a company.
Example Sentence: The new owner plans to restructure the failing car maker.

RECEIVABLES rɪˈsivəbəls

22 Jul 2019


  • money that a business expects to receive.
Example Sentence: The company generates roughly $400 million in receivables annually.

RAISE CAPITAL reɪz kæpɪtl

21 Jul 2019


  • to try to get money for a business venture.
Example Sentence: The factory was sold to raise capital.

PARENT COMPANY pɛərənt kʌmpəni

20 Jul 2019


  • a company that owns control of one or more subsidiary companies.
Example Sentence: It is the parent company of several publishing firms.

OVERHEADS ˈoʊvərˈhɛds

19 Jul 2019


  • the costs you pay regularly when running your business, e.g. the cost of electricity, heating, phone bills etc.
Example Sentence: Since the new management laid off half of our workers our overheads have been an all-time low.

OUTLOOK aʊtˌlʊk

18 Jul 2019


  • how the future looks based on current predictions.
Example Sentence: The outlook for small firms has worsened in recent months.

ON SCHEDULE ɒn skɛdʒul

17 Jul 2019


  • on time, according to a plan.
Example Sentence: He says that the building project is still on schedule.

MOGUL moʊgəl

16 Jul 2019


  • a very wealthy or powerful person in business.
Example Sentence: He is described as the world’s most powerful media mogul.

LEVERAGE lɛvərɪdʒ

15 Jul 2019


  • the power to influence somebody's actions.
Example Sentence: Big companies have a lot of leverage over their business partners.

LETTER OF CREDIT /ˈbɛt ər ʌv ˈkrɛd ɪt/

14 Jul 2019


  • A Letter of Credit or L/C is a binding document that a buyer can request from his bank in order to guarantee that the payment for goods will be transferred to the seller. Basically, a letter of credit gives the seller reassurance that he will receive the payment for the goods. In order for the payment to occur, the seller has to present the bank with the necessary shipping documents confirming the delivery of goods within a given time frame. It is often used in international trade to eliminate risks such as unfamiliarity with the foreign country, customs, or political instability.
Example Sentences:We never release a shipment until a letter of credit has been issued.
The buyer applies to the bank for a letter of credit to be issued.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ɪntlˈɛktʃuəl prɒpərti

13 Jul 2019


  • something that somebody creates which has value, esp. music, art, text, etc.
Example Sentence: The designer claims that her intellectual property rights were infringed.


12 Jul 2019


  • an aggressive attempt by a company to buy control of another company.
Example Sentence: Their French rival has launched a hostile takeover bid.

HARD-SELL hɑrd sɛl

11 Jul 2019


  • (of selling or advertising) aggressive and forceful.
Example Sentence: He tried to defend the hard-sell tactics used to entice customers.


10 Jul 2019


  • to officially tell your company that you are leaving the job.
Example Sentence: He handed in his notice when he heard that he had got the new job.