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INNOVATE ˈɪnəˌveɪt

09 Apr 2019


  • to create, develop or design new technology or products.
Example Sentence: The mobile phone industry constantly needs to innovate.

FLAW flɔ

08 Apr 2019


  • a problem or defect with something, especially a plan.
Example Sentence: The plan was flawed because of the lack of funds.

EXPLOIT ɛksplɔɪt

07 Apr 2019


  • use to your benefit.
Example Sentence: The country's resources are not being fully exploited.

DURABLE dʊərəbəl

06 Apr 2019


  • lasting a long time without wear.
Example Sentence: Their range of kitchen products are durable but inexpensive.

MORALE məˈræl

05 Apr 2019


  • the general feelings of a group towards success.
Example Sentence: Morale amongst the staff dropped because of poor conditions.

MARKETING MIX mɑrkɪtɪŋ mɪks

04 Apr 2019


  • the combination of marketing strategies a company uses.
Example Sentence: It's important to get the right marketing mix.

MARKET NICHE mɑrkɪt nɪtʃ

03 Apr 2019


  • a small but profitable segment of market.
Example Sentence: They found a market niche providing special chairs for elderly people.

MAKE SENSE meɪk sɛns

02 Apr 2019


  • to be logical, having considered all the facts.
Example Sentence: I think it makes sense for us to buy a new printer.

MAKE GAINS meɪk geɪns

01 Apr 2019


  • to achieve a stronger position or get positive results (especially business)
Example Sentence: He's confident that the company will make gains in the near future.


31 Mar 2019


  • to tell somebody that you are unhappy with their product or service.
Example Sentence: Can I speak to the manager? I want to make a complaint.

LOYALTY lɔɪəlti

30 Mar 2019


  • a person/groups' willingness to stay with one particular product.
Example Sentence: Customer loyalty can be improved by using a card scheme.

IMAGE ɪmɪdʒ

29 Mar 2019


  • how something is seen and understood by others.
Example Sentence: The company gained a bad image following the scandal.


28 Mar 2019


  • collectively stop working because of poor conditions or pay.
Example Sentence: The teachers are going to go on strike to protest about low salaries.

FUNDAMENTAL fʌndəˈmɛntl

27 Mar 2019


  • relating to essential structures, facts, or functions.
Example Sentence: They are considering fundamental changes to the education system.

FREIGHT / frāt/

26 Mar 2019


  • A transportation term meaning any goods transported by a vehicle or ship, and/or any charges incurred for such transport.
Example Sentences:What is the freight charge for sending a container of this size to the UK?
90% of all freight entering the country is transported by rail to China.