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MIDDLEMAN mɪdlˌmæn

02 Jun 2019


  • somebody who acts between two people/groups in business.
Example Sentence: Let's cut out the middleman and work directly with each other.

MEET DEMAND mit dɪˈmænd

01 Jun 2019


  • manage to supply enough of something.
Example Sentence: The company is struggling to meet the sudden demand.

MARK-UP mɑrk ʌp

31 May 2019


  • an increase in the price of something.
Example Sentence: There is a mark-up of 40% on these foreign imports.

MAIL ORDER meɪl ɔrdər

30 May 2019


  • the sale of products that are delivered by post.
Example Sentence: She bought the skirt by mail order but it was never delivered.

LUCRATIVE lukrətɪv

29 May 2019


  • making a lot of money.
Example Sentence: He has signed a lucrative deal with a new record label.

LOSS LEADER lɔs lidər

28 May 2019


  • a product that is sold at a very low price to attract customers.
Example Sentence: Supermarkets often use milk as a loss leader.

LOOPHOLE lupˌhoʊ

27 May 2019


  • a mistake in the law that allows people to do something that they should not.
Example Sentence: Their lawyers found a loophole in the law and they were acquited.

INITIATIVE ɪˈnɪʃiətɪv

26 May 2019


  • an action, especially one that aims to solve a problem.
Example Sentence: The initiative aims to encourage more people to stay in education.

INCOME BRACKET ɪnkʌm brækɪt

25 May 2019


  • a category of taxpayers based on their level of income.
Example Sentence: The tax will mainly effect people in the higher income bracket.

INCENTIVE ɪnˈsɛntɪv

24 May 2019


  • something that incites or encourages an action or greater effort.
Example Sentence: Many universities have started providing large incentives to encourage student enrolment.

IN BULK ɪn bʌlk

23 May 2019


  • in large amounts.
Example Sentence: We buy paper in bulk at a very low price.

GO BUST goʊ bʌst

22 May 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • (of a company) close because it cannot make enough money.
Example Sentence: The company went bust after 12 months of severe losses.

FREE MARKET fri mɑrkɪt

21 May 2019


  • a market that is not influenced by the government.
Example Sentence: He supports a free market for goods in Europe.

FLOP flɒp

20 May 2019


  • very unsuccessful.
Example Sentence: The product was a flop and was discontinued after just 6 months.

ENDORSE ɛnˈdɔrs

19 May 2019


  • (of famous people) to publically say that you think a product is good.
Example Sentence: The boxer endorses the energy drink in their latest commercial.