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INSOLVENT /ɪnˈsɒl vənt/

16 May 2020


  • A person or company becomes insolvent if they are unable to pay their debts when they are due to be paid.
Example Sentences:Probably 90% of the adult population in this country are insolvent in real terms due mainly to mortgage debts.
After the loss of several major contracts, the company has become insolvent.


15 May 2020


  • come to a stop in the process.
Example Sentence: The expansion of his company came to a halt when one of his employees embezzled a considerable


14 May 2020


  • to be sensible.
Example Sentence: Despite his huge sudden success in business he manages to keep his feet on the ground.

BREAKEVEN breɪkˈivən

13 May 2020


  • the point at which a business operation can begin to make profit, and no longer loses money.
Example Sentence: I'm sure my husband's company will reach breakeven within a year.

UPMARKET ʌpˌmɑrkɪt

12 May 2020


  • a product or service intended for people who can afford to buy or pay for expensive things.
Example Sentence: I really want to impress him so I've decided to take him somewhere really upmarket for breakfast; we might try the newly opened buffet near the parliament with golden teaspoons and a complimentary glass of champagne with everything.

TO OFFSET ɔfˌsɛt

11 May 2020


  • to compensate for something; to counterbalance.
Example Sentence: I'm afraid we will have to raise our prices in the restaurant in order to offset the increased cost of ingredients – vegetables are especially expensive this season.


10 May 2020


  • (of an amount or value) – to rise very speedily.
Example Sentence: The number of really poor families has soared to record high levels.

GROSS PROFIT MARGIN groʊs prɒfɪt mɑrdʒɪn

09 May 2020


  • The difference between the selling price of a product or service and the cost of producing it, excluding taxation, salaries paid to employees, overheads (electricity, office rent etc).
Example Sentence: There were so many items I had to work with that in the end I made a mistake in calculating our gross profit margin.

OVERHEADS oʊvərˈhɛds

08 May 2020


  • regular costs that a business must pay, such as electricity, salaries, etc.
Example Sentence: Internet companies have much lower overheads.

COLLATERAL kəˈlætərəl

07 May 2020


  • a car, a house or something valuable that you promise to give the lender if you cannot pay back the money you borrowed from them.
Example Sentence: I need $20.000 urgently. I can put my flat in London up as collateral – it must be worth 10 times as much as that.

TO CEMENT sɪˈmɛnt

06 May 2020


  • to make a business relationship stronger.
Example Sentence: After years of cooperation in different projects we cemented our relationship by signing the new contract.

TO BOUNCE BACK baʊns bæk

05 May 2020


  • to return to a higher level after suffering from difficulties for a while.
Example Sentence: The Chinese economy has already bounced back after the recession and now it's booming.

ACCELERATION ækˌsɛləˈreɪʃən

04 May 2020


  • (the rate of) speeding up.
Example Sentence: You can do a lot for the acceleration of your enterprise, e.g. you can invest more time into advertising yourself on community pages like Facebook.

AILING eɪlɪŋ

03 May 2020


  • if the economy/a sector etc is ailing it is (relatively) weak and troubled.
Example Sentence: We are really lucky because we have severally financially ailing competitors, while our situation is relatively sound.

RELIABLE rɪˈlaɪəbəl

02 May 2020


  • something or somebody that can be relied on and trusted.
Example Sentence: What we would like to do next is to design a highly reliable network and to gain competitive advantage over our rivals at last.