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TO FLOP flɒp

15 Jun 2020


  • to fail completely.
Example Sentence: Their new line of dishwashers flopped in Asia because they did not take into account size differences.


14 Jun 2020


  • the phenomenon when a career seems to be advancing for a while and then – for no apparent reason – promotions stop and the person is stuck in a certain position or at a certain level on the career ladder.
Example Sentence: They often say there's an invisible glass ceiling women hit at their workplace – certain positions are simply available only for men.


13 Jun 2020


  • the highest amount or limit that can be charged for a product or service; also, the maximum number or quantity of goods that can be produced.
Example Sentence: The government decided to intervene and place a price ceiling on certain products - the impact on consumer demand and production was dramatic.

A BALLPARK FIGURE bɔlˌpɑrk fɪgər

12 Jun 2020


  • an approximate number, a guesstimate.
Example Sentence: There were about 5 million people there, but it's just a ballpark figure.

GROUND RULES graʊnd ruls

11 Jun 2020


  • he basic principles that one has to keep/stick to.
Example Sentence: It is extremely important to establish ground rules for business meetings otherwise things can get out of hand and the meeting ends in chaos.


10 Jun 2020


  • the feeling that you have achieved something impressive, usually with a lot of work.
Example Sentence: When Sam drank his first home-made wine he felt a sense of accomplishment.

TO SUBSIDISE sʌbsɪˌdaɪz

09 Jun 2020


  • to give money to a person, institution or organisation in order to aid them.
Example Sentence: The government cannot subsidise every single initiative; they have to prioritise somehow.


08 Jun 2020


  • supplier that stands high on a company's chain of suppliers and is usually in a direct contact with the client.
Example Sentence: Our company is a tier-one supplier of one of the biggest car manufacturers in Japan – we produce their tyres.

BEAR MARKET bɛər mɑrkɪt

07 Jun 2020


  • a downward market trend when prices of shares, commodities etc are falling and the market is pessimistic. When this occurs there is usually high inflation and unemployment.
Example Sentence: Investment in a bear market might make sense.

BULL MARKET bʊl mɑrkɪt

06 Jun 2020


  • an upward market trend when prices of shares, commodities etc are rising and the market is optimistic.
Example Sentence: Though things seem to be improving in our sector, the bull market won't come back.

RALLY ˈræli

05 Jun 2020


  • when share prices (or the stock exchange itself) return to a strong position after a period of weakness.
Example Sentence: Unfortunately I only started buying shares when the summer stock market rally was over so I didn't get as rich as some of my friends did.

OVERHAUL oʊvərˌhɔl

04 Jun 2020


  • a general, thorough examination of machinery, computers, systems etc
Example Sentence: Productivity has been decreasing gradually in the past few months so a complete overhaul of the system is absolutely necessary.

TO REFUND rɪˈfʌnd

03 Jun 2020


  • to give a customer their money back because they are not satisfied with the product or service they have received.
Example Sentence: The shop was not willing to refund my money in full so I decided to report them to the competent authority.

REGULATOR rɛgyəˌleɪtər

02 Jun 2020


  • an organisation or body that controls an area of industry and monitors its fair operation.
Example Sentence: The Spanish regulator has not released any details about the new tender for spectrums so far.


01 Jun 2020


  • to practise e.g. a presentation before actually delivering it.
Example Sentence: It is important to rehearse before delivering a presentation, partly because you can gain the necessary confidence this way.