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23 Aug 2019


  • the most important part of an idea, a system etc.
Example Sentence: The essence of her message was that costs must be reduced.

DIRECT MAIL dɪˈrɛkt meɪl

22 Aug 2019


  • a form of advertising when promotional letters are sent to potential customers.
Example Sentence: They started to promote their service by using direct mail.

DEREGULATION diˈrɛgyəˌleɪt

21 Aug 2019


  • the reduction of rules that aim to control an industry .
Example Sentence: Their success is partly due to deregulation of the industry.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY kʌstəmər lɔɪəlti

20 Aug 2019


  • the likelihood customers will stay with a company and resist competitive offers.
Example Sentence: The supermarket is hoping to boost customer loyalty with the new reward scheme.

CURRENCY CONTROL kɜrənsi kənˈtroʊl

19 Aug 2019


  • controlling the exchange of foreign money to protect domestic interests.
Example Sentence: The national bank is introducing currency controls to support industry.

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT kɒpiˌraɪt ɪnˈfrɪndʒmənt

18 Aug 2019


  • the illegal production and sale of a product protected by law.
Example Sentence: The record company is suing the man for copyright infringement.

COPYCAT kɒpiˌkæt

17 Aug 2019


  • something which is an intentional imitation/copy of something else.
Example Sentence: Following their success, there are many more copycats appearing.

CONCESSION kənˈsɛʃən

16 Aug 2019


  • the act of accepting less than you originally wanted.
Example Sentence: They made a concession by dropping the price.

COMPLY WITH kəmˈplaɪ wɪθ

15 Aug 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • to follow or behave in line with an official rule.
Example Sentence: Does this product comply with our national safety standards?

COMMERCIAL kəˈmɜrʃəl

14 Aug 2019


  • an advertisement on the television.
Example Sentence: He went to make a coffee during the commercial break.

CHAIN tʃeɪn

13 Aug 2019


  • many shops that are run under the same name, brand & owner.
Example Sentence: The supermarket chain is opening a new store in the town.

CEMENT RELATIONS sɪˈmɛnt rɪˈleɪʃəns

12 Aug 2019


  • to make a relationship stronger.
Example Sentence: The week long team building really cemented relations in the group.

CARRIER kæriər

11 Aug 2019


  • the company responsible for transporting freight.
Example Sentence: The carrier will deliver the goods to the port in Hong Kong.

CAMPAIGN kæmˈpeɪn

10 Aug 2019


  • a group of activities that want to achieve a particular aim.
Example Sentence: They've launched a new advertising campaign on the TV.

BUDGET CONSTRAINT bʌdʒɪt kənˈstreɪnt

09 Aug 2019


  • things that limit the amount of money that can be spent.
Example Sentence: The department manager was restricted by strict budget constraints.