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BOARD bɔrd

18 Jun 2019


  • a group of people who are responsible for making decisions.
Example Sentence: The corporation is run by a Board of Governors.

AUDIT ɔdɪt

17 Jun 2019


  • an investigation of a company's finances to make sure they are correct.
Example Sentence: They are carrying out the annual audit.

ASSIGN əˈsaɪn

16 Jun 2019


  • to give a particular job or task to somebody.
Example Sentence: The job of finding more seats for the event was assigned to Paul.

WHOLESALE hoʊlˌseɪl

15 Jun 2019


  • sold cheaply in large amounts, especially to shops, who resell the goods.
Example Sentence: They claim to sell their products at wholesale prices.

VOLUME vɒlyum

14 Jun 2019


  • the total amount of something.
Example Sentence: The volume of trade has dropped in recent months.

UNIT COST yunɪt kɔst

13 Jun 2019


  • the cost of producing one item of a product.
Example Sentence: The unit cost of the product is just $2.

SURPLUS sɜrplʌs

12 Jun 2019


  • extra money that was not spent.
Example Sentence: The surplus is due to the falling energy costs.

SUBLIMINAL sʌbˈlɪmənl

11 Jun 2019


  • in a way that cannot be noticed by the viewer.
Example Sentence: They are accused of using subliminal advertising to sell products to children.

STIFF stɪf

10 Jun 2019


  • strong and difficult to beat.
Example Sentence: They need to reduce costs in the face of stiff competition.

SLASH slæʃ

09 Jun 2019


  • greatly reduce in price or number.
Example Sentence: Prices have been slashed in the summer sales.

SCARCE skɛərs

08 Jun 2019


  • not enough of something available, especially a resource.
Example Sentence: Water is scarce in some regions of Africa.

SALES PITCH seɪlz pɪtʃ

07 Jun 2019


  • what a salesman says when trying to sell something.
Example Sentence: His sales pitch was very convincing.

POLICY pɒləsi

06 Jun 2019


  • a plan of what to do in certain situations; a set of ideas.
Example Sentence: The company has a clear policy on dealing with bullying.

PLANT plænt

05 Jun 2019


  • a factory or place where something is produced, including energy.
Example Sentence: They announced that the plant would be closed down in 6 months.

PHASE feɪz

04 Jun 2019


  • a defined stage or part of a process.
Example Sentence: The next phase of the project will involve building a prototype.