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LIABILITIES /ˌlaɪ əˈbɪl ɪ teez/

01 Sep 2019


  • Liabilities include accounts payable (money you owe to suppliers), plus all current costs of doing business (mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, salaries, utilities).
Example Sentences:The business has liabilities of $2 million.
If our liabilities increase further, we’ll have to consider closing down the company.

NET WORTH /nɛt/ /wɜrθ/

31 Aug 2019


  • Net Worth is the value of a person’s assets, including cash, minus total liabilities. It is often used as an underwriting guideline to indicate an individual's creditworthiness and financial strength.
Example Sentences:He may appear to be rich, but his net worth is quite small, actually. He has 95% mortgages on most of his properties.
Bill Gates’ net worth increased dramatically over the past year due to the good performance of Microsoft’s shares.

LOAN /loʊn/

30 Aug 2019

noun or verb

  • A loan is a written or oral agreement for a temporary transfer of a property (usually cash) from its owner (the lender) to a borrower who promises to return it according to the terms of the agreement, usually with interest for its use.
  • If you loan something, such as money, to someone, you lend it to them. You expect them to return it later to you.
Example Sentences:The bank gave me a loan of $3,000.
Can you loan me $10?

FLIGHT OF CAPITAL flaɪt ʌv kæpɪtl

29 Aug 2019


  • large-scale withdrawal of investment from a country.
Example Sentence: The recent flight of capital was caused by political unrest.

FLAT MARKET flæt mɑrkɪt

28 Aug 2019


  • a market that is characterised by little activity.
Example Sentence: The sale of sewing machines is a flat market with few surprises.

FACE-TO-FACE feɪs tu feɪs

27 Aug 2019


  • in the same place, especially of meetings.
Example Sentence: We had our first face-to-face meeting on Wednesday.

EXTENSIVE ɪkˈstɛnsɪv

26 Aug 2019


  • covering a large area or range.
Example Sentence: They carried out extensive market research before the launch.

EXCEED ɪkˈsid

25 Aug 2019


  • to go beyond a certain number or point.
Example Sentence: Costs will exceed last year's projections if we do not act soon.

EXCLUSIVE ɪkˈsklusɪv

24 Aug 2019


  • not shared with others; only for a certain group.
Example Sentence: They have the exclusive right to sell the product in Japan.


23 Aug 2019


  • the most important part of an idea, a system etc.
Example Sentence: The essence of her message was that costs must be reduced.

DIRECT MAIL dɪˈrɛkt meɪl

22 Aug 2019


  • a form of advertising when promotional letters are sent to potential customers.
Example Sentence: They started to promote their service by using direct mail.

DEREGULATION diˈrɛgyəˌleɪt

21 Aug 2019


  • the reduction of rules that aim to control an industry .
Example Sentence: Their success is partly due to deregulation of the industry.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY kʌstəmər lɔɪəlti

20 Aug 2019


  • the likelihood customers will stay with a company and resist competitive offers.
Example Sentence: The supermarket is hoping to boost customer loyalty with the new reward scheme.

CURRENCY CONTROL kɜrənsi kənˈtroʊl

19 Aug 2019


  • controlling the exchange of foreign money to protect domestic interests.
Example Sentence: The national bank is introducing currency controls to support industry.

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT kɒpiˌraɪt ɪnˈfrɪndʒmənt

18 Aug 2019


  • the illegal production and sale of a product protected by law.
Example Sentence: The record company is suing the man for copyright infringement.