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Business Word/Phrase of the Day

word-phrase-descEvery day we publish a business word or phrase together with audio pronunciation, phonetics, definition and example sentences. This is a great way to improve your workplace vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. To receive 'Business Word/Phrase of the Day' by email, just subscribe to our newsletter from the link above. 

CUT kʌt

27 Mar 2023


  • to reduce the amount or value of something.
Example Sentence: The company plans to cut 250 jobs from offices across the country.

CONSORTIUM kənˈsɔrʃiəm

26 Mar 2023


  • a group of companies that cooperate and share resources.
Example Sentence: The company is part of an international consortium.

COMMODITY kəˈmɒdɪti

25 Mar 2023


  • something that can be bought or sold, e.g. a resource or product.
Example Sentence: Primary commodities tend to be produced in poorer countries.

CHANGE HANDS tʃeɪndʒ hænds

24 Mar 2023


  • to pass to a different owner.
Example Sentence: The company changed hands for $150 million.

CASHFLOW kæʃ floʊ

23 Mar 2023


  • the amount of money moving through a company.
Example Sentence: Accountants can advise on systems for managing cashflow.

CAPITAL EXPENDITURE kæpɪtl ɪkˈspɛndɪtʃə

22 Mar 2023


  • the cost of long-term improvements.
Example Sentence: They do not have enough cashflow to cover their capital expenditure.

BRANCH bræntʃ

21 Mar 2023


  • a local office or shop that is owned by a larger business.
Example Sentence: The bank has five branches in the city.

BOOST bust

20 Mar 2023


  • to give extra energy or increase something, such as sales.
Example Sentence: They're hoping that the new ad campaign will boost sales.

BANKRUPT bæŋkrʌp

19 Mar 2023


  • financially unable to continue business.
Example Sentence: The company went bankrupt due to mismanagement.

AXE æks

18 Mar 2023


  • to suddenly reduce or stop providing something.
Example Sentence: The product was axed a mere five weeks after it was launched.

APPOINT əˈpɔɪnt

17 Mar 2023


  • to officially give somebody a job, task or responsibility
Example Sentence: He was appointed as head of the investigation.

WORK OVERTIME wɜrk oʊvərˈtaɪm

16 Mar 2023


  • to work more than one's regular hours.
Example Sentence: I had to work overtime every Friday last month.


15 Mar 2023


  • to solve a problem, to provide the details of something.
Example Sentence: I spent the weekend trying to work out the budget estimates for next year.

WORK OUT wɜrk aʊt

14 Mar 2023


  • to have a specific result.
Example Sentence: I do not believe that the new plan is going to work out.

TURNOVER tɜrnˌoʊvər

13 Mar 2023


  • the rate at which employees join and leave a company.
Example Sentence: The turnover of workers in the new restaurant business is very high.