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Business Word/Phrase of the Day

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16 May 2024


  • If a company corners the market for a particular type of product, it is more successful than any other company at selling the product.
Example Sentences: He's the only person who imports this product. He's really cornered the market.
MacDonald's have cornered the fast-food market - they're in every big city in the world.

WHOLESALE PRICE /ˈhoʊlˌseɪl prīs/

16 Apr 2024


  • the price of goods charged to shops and businesses for buying large quantities of the goods
Example Sentences:The wholesale price of goods is always cheaper than the retail price.
If you buy this bed in a shop, you’ll pay around $600. However, the wholesale price is only $400.

MEDICAL COVERAGE mɛdɪkə kʌvərɪdʒ

16 Mar 2024


  • medical expenses which are covered by the insurance policy.
Example Sentence: My medical coverage won’t pay for medicine I get abroad.



DOMESTIC DEPARTURES dəˈmɛstɪk dɪˈpɑrtʃərs

16 Feb 2024


  • flights leaving for destinations within the same country
Example Sentence: Do I need to show my passport for domestic departures?



SIGHTSEE saɪtˌsi

16 Jan 2024


  • go and see interesting places and tourist attractions.
Example Sentence: Last year we went to London. We spent most of the trip sightseeing, there was so much to see!



STICKING POINT stɪkɪn pɔɪnt

16 Dec 2023


  • a point in a negotiation where progress cannot be made.
Example Sentence: A key sticking point in the negotiations was the issue of salaries.

ANALYST ænlɪst

16 Nov 2023


  • Somebody whose job is to carefully study and understand something.
Example Sentence: Business analysts say the crisis is likely to hurt the country’s economy.

MAIL ORDER meɪl ɔrdər

16 Oct 2023


  • the sale of products that are delivered by post.
Example Sentence: She bought the skirt by mail order but it was never delivered.

TERMINATE tɜrməˌneɪt

16 Sep 2023


  • to stop something before the end, especially a contract.
Example Sentence: They want to terminate the contract after doing 10 years of business.


16 Aug 2023


  • to tell somebody that you are unhappy with their product or service.
Example Sentence: Can I speak to the manager? I want to make a complaint.

BENEFICIARY bɛnəˈfɪʃiˌɛri

16 Jul 2023


  • the person who will receive something.
Example Sentence: I was the sole beneficiary in my father's will.

SCALE DOWN skeɪl daʊn

16 Jun 2023

Phrasal Verb

  • reduce in size.
Example Sentence: Since the end of the Cold War, most European countries have scaled down their armed forces.

BREAK INTO breɪk ɪntu

16 May 2023

Phrasal Verb

  • enter
Example Sentence: American banks are starting to break into the British finance market.

RAISE CAPITAL reɪz kæpɪtl

16 Apr 2023


  • to try to get money for a business venture.
Example Sentence: The factory was sold to raise capital.

WORK OVERTIME wɜrk oʊvərˈtaɪm

16 Mar 2023


  • to work more than one's regular hours.
Example Sentence: I had to work overtime every Friday last month.