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IN BULK ɪn bʌlk

23 May 2019


  • in large amounts.
Example Sentence: We buy paper in bulk at a very low price.

SPONSOR spɒnsər

23 Apr 2019


  • to pay money towards something in exchange for advertising space.
Example Sentence: They sponsored the Olympic Games in Sydney.

EXPAND ɪkˈspænd

23 Mar 2019


  • to become larger in size or number.
Example Sentence: The company is going to expand to China and Japan.

PLAY DOWN pleɪ daʊn

23 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • make appear less serious.
Example Sentence: The manager played down the seriousness of the situation.

PICK UP pɪk ʌp

23 Jan 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • getting better.
Example Sentence: Business is finally picking up after the recession.

UNDERCUT ʌndərˈkʌt

23 Dec 2018


  • to charge less than a competitor.
Example Sentence: They have reduced their price to undercut their rivals.

MOGUL moʊgəl

23 Nov 2018


  • a very wealthy or powerful person in business.
Example Sentence: He is described as the world’s most powerful media mogul.


23 Oct 2018


  • to discourage or forbid something.
Example Sentence: The manager threw cold water on our plan to close the factory for one week.

PAY OFF peɪ ɒf

23 Sep 2018


  • to succeed, to yield good results.
Example Sentence: I hope that our plans for the new business will pay off.

LIQUID ASSETS lɪkwɪd æsɛts

23 Aug 2018


  • property or belongings that can easily be converted to cash.
Example Sentence: The company had to sell some of its liquid assets in order to raise cash.


23 Jul 2018


  • to stop taking orders, to end a bookkeeping period.
Example Sentence: The company will close the books at the end of December.

BLUE CHIP blu tʃɪp

23 Jun 2018


  • a company/investment that is usually profitable; whose shares that can be traded profitably and reliably in the stock market.
Example Sentence: US blue chip stocks fell today as the housing sector remains deeply depressed.


23 May 2018

Phrasal Verb

  • to not get a deal/business because a competitor has offered better conditions/lower prices etc and thus got it
Example Sentence: Artists of the music and film industry are losing out to piracy so it's a question of life and death to work out ways in which to get back at least some of the revenues.

TO DISRUPT dɪsˈrʌpt

23 Apr 2018


  • to interrupt the normal continuity of the operation of something; to cause disorder in something.
Example Sentence: The natural catastrophe disrupted commerce and business in general in the whole country.

TO DISCONTINUE dɪskənˈtɪnyu

23 Mar 2018


  • to stop doing something e.g. production of a product.
Example Sentence: The company decided to discontinue operations last month because the factory was making losses.