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LEGAL TENDER /ligəl tɛndər/

22 Jan 2020


  • Legal tender is the money which can be officially used in a country.
Example Sentences: A French person tried to pay using old British pound notes. I told him they weren't legal tender any more.


22 Dec 2019


  • to exchange a paper cheque for money.
Example Sentence: Ms Jones cashed a cheque she had received from selling her investments.

PROOF pruf

22 Nov 2019


  • Proof is a noun and means a fact or piece of information which shows that something exists or is true.
Example Sentences: Do they have any proof that it was Hampson who stole the goods?
Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.


22 Oct 2019


  • To cut a deal is to make a successful, usually business, arrangement with someone or another company.
Example Sentences: We're both competing for the same business. Perhaps we can cut a deal to share out the work.
We've cut a deal with the sales staff. They've agreed to reduce their basic salary in return for more commission.

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN /sər tif′i kit ʌv ôr′ə jin/

22 Sep 2019


  • A certificate stating the country in which a commodity has been grown, milled, produced, manufactured or assembled.
Example Sentences:According to the certificate of origin, this lamp shade was made in Thailand.

DIRECT MAIL dɪˈrɛkt meɪl

22 Aug 2019


  • a form of advertising when promotional letters are sent to potential customers.
Example Sentence: They started to promote their service by using direct mail.

RECEIVABLES rɪˈsivəbəls

22 Jul 2019


  • money that a business expects to receive.
Example Sentence: The company generates roughly $400 million in receivables annually.

DECENTRALISE diˈsɛntrəˌlaɪz

22 Jun 2019


  • to move control of an organisation from one (central) body to several smaller ones.
Example Sentence: Many attempts have been made in recent years to decentralise power.

GO BUST goʊ bʌst

22 May 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • (of a company) close because it cannot make enough money.
Example Sentence: The company went bust after 12 months of severe losses.

SOLE soʊl

22 Apr 2019


  • alone; being the only one.
Example Sentence: They are the sole distributor of the luxury car.

ENDORSEMENT ɛnˈdɔrsmənt

22 Mar 2019


  • a form of advertising that involves a famous person to promote a product.
Example Sentence: The athlete's endorsement helped boost sales of the product.

LOOK UP lʊk ʌp

22 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • look good for the future.
Example Sentence: After years of poor performance, things are finally beginning to look up.

PHASE OUT feɪz aʊt

22 Jan 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • stop over time.
Example Sentence: Sweden is planning to phase out its nuclear reactors by the year 2013.


22 Dec 2018


  • to successfully make a business agreement.
Example Sentence: After hours of negotiating, they managed to strike a deal.

MINUTES mɪnɪts

22 Nov 2018


  • the official notes taken in a meeting.
Example Sentence: The secretary took the minutes during the meeting.