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11 Aug 2020


  • value for the money spent.
Example Sentence: We were able to get much bang for our buck when we advertised on the Internet.

APPOINT əˈpɔɪnt

11 Jul 2020


  • to officially give somebody a job, task or responsibility
Example Sentence: He was appointed as head of the investigation.

GROUND RULES graʊnd ruls

11 Jun 2020


  • he basic principles that one has to keep/stick to.
Example Sentence: It is extremely important to establish ground rules for business meetings otherwise things can get out of hand and the meeting ends in chaos.

TO OFFSET ɔfˌsɛt

11 May 2020


  • to compensate for something; to counterbalance.
Example Sentence: I'm afraid we will have to raise our prices in the restaurant in order to offset the increased cost of ingredients – vegetables are especially expensive this season.

FRANCHISEE fræntʃaɪˈzi

11 Apr 2020


  • a company or a person to whom franchise rights (of a product, service etc) are granted.
Example Sentence: The franchisor always provides the franchisee with a franchise operation manual to make sure that everything is explained properly.

TRADER treɪdər

11 Mar 2020


  • Investor who holds stocks and securities for a short time (minutes, hours or days) with the objective of making profit from short-term gains in the market.
Example Sentence: Traders need to choose just the right time to buy and sell shares. A minute's delay can cost them a lot of money.

GARDEN LEAVE gɑrdn liv

11 Feb 2020


  • Paid cooling off period, typically three months, that your contract stipulates you cannot work before starting a new job. This is used by financial firms, in particular, to prevent people walking straight into a new job with hot information.
Example Sentence: He quit and was offered a job by one of the main competitors. He’s on garden leave for a few months.

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT /ʌnɛmˈplɔɪmənt bɛnəfɪt/

11 Jan 2020


  • Unemployment benefit is regularly paid by the government to people who do not have a job.
Example Sentence: Over 2 million people in the United Kingdom receive unemployment benefit.

SAVE UP /seɪv ʌp/

11 Dec 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • to keep money for a large expense in the future.
Example Sentence: It took me ages to save up enough money to go travelling.

EXCEPT ɪkˈsɛpt

11 Nov 2019


  • Except is a preposition meaning not including or but not.
Example Sentences: The museum is open daily except Monday(s).
The government has few options except to keep interest rates high.


11 Oct 2019


  • If something sells like hotcakes, it sells very quickly in large numbers.
Example Sentences: When the new iPod came out, it sold like hotcakes.
All the manufacturer did was add a new keyboard and the product sold like hotcakes.


11 Sep 2019


  • department within a company responsible for customer care, including complaints
Example Sentences:All complaints are handled by the customer service department.
Sheila Tam has been head of the customer service department for 5 years.

CARRIER kæriər

11 Aug 2019


  • the company responsible for transporting freight.
Example Sentence: The carrier will deliver the goods to the port in Hong Kong.

HARD-SELL hɑrd sɛl

11 Jul 2019


  • (of selling or advertising) aggressive and forceful.
Example Sentence: He tried to defend the hard-sell tactics used to entice customers.

SUBLIMINAL sʌbˈlɪmənl

11 Jun 2019


  • in a way that cannot be noticed by the viewer.
Example Sentence: They are accused of using subliminal advertising to sell products to children.