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USERNAME /ˈjuː.zə.neɪm/

14 May 2013


  • a name to identify yourself to a computer or network - you will need this when you log in
Example Sentences:If you’ve forgotten your username, follow this link.
For this particular login, your username is your registered email address.


11 May 2013

phrasal verb

  • to connect to a computer to a computer system by typing your name (or username and password)
Example Sentences:Please log in with your username and password.
After you have logged in, click on “My Account.”

TO REGISTER /ˈredʒ.ɪ.stər/

10 May 2013


  • to put information, especially your name or email address, into an official list or record on a website
Example Sentences:To use the forum of this site, you need to register.
Only registered users can access the subscriber’s area of the site.


09 May 2013


  • A website or network with a sign-in policy requires all users to log in with a username and password. This ensures that only registered users enter the site.
Example Sentences:Workplace English Training E-Platform has a sign-in policy. Only registered users can enter the member’s area.
Most premium content sites have a sign-in policy.

SECURE /sɪˈkjʊər/

08 May 2013


  • describes a computer or computer network which is safe from external threats, risks, etc.
Example Sentences:The security audit report concluded that our website is 100% secure.
Make sure your site is very secure because you hold a lot of confidential information on it.

HACKING /hækɪŋ/

07 May 2013


  • Hacking involves attacking and invading someone else's computer, usually for personal gain or just for the satisfaction of being able to invade someone else's computer. Hackers are usually computer experts who enjoy having the power to invade someone else's privacy.
Example Sentences:Our website is down. It’s been hacked.
Make sure your website has been checked for security weaknesses. Otherwise, you could get hacked.


05 May 2013


  • a telephone call from the hotel reception at a pre-arranged time, usually early in the morning.
Example Sentence: Could you give a wake-up call at 5.30am?




04 May 2013


  • a type of accommodation offering up to about 10 rooms and limited services and facilities, although breakfast is included in the price of the room .
Example Sentence: I usually stay at a bed and breakfast because they’re cheaper than hotels.




03 May 2013


  • If a hotel is fully booked, all the rooms are taken; there are no rooms available.
Example Sentence: I’m afraid we’re fully booked on October 31.



CONFERENCE kɒnfərəns

02 May 2013


  • an event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there are a group of talks on a particular subject, or a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally.
Example Sentence: They frequently hold conferences at that hotel. This week there’s a conference on marketing in China.



COMPLIMENTARY PASS kɒmpləˈmɛntəri pæs

01 May 2013


  • a card or voucher allowing guests to have a free meal, drink, etc. in the hotel.
Example Sentence: You can use this complimentary pass to get one free drink at our Skyline bar on the 10th floor.



CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST kɒntnˈɛntl brɛkfəst

30 Apr 2013


  • a simple morning meal consisting of fruit juice, coffee, and bread with butter and jam
Example Sentence: The breakfast menu was very small. The only choices they had were a continental breakfast or cereal.



KEYPASS ki pas

29 Apr 2013


  • an electronic key to enter a hotel room.
Example Sentence: Can you reset my keypass? It won’t let me enter my room.



BUSINESS CENTRE bɪznɪs sɛntə

28 Apr 2013


  • a room in a hotel where guests can use business facilities such as a computer, fax, printer, etc. for a fee.
Example Sentence: You send a fax from our business centre.



LOBBY lɒbi

27 Apr 2013


  • a room in the hotel, usually close to the main reception, for relaxing, including comfortable chairs and sofas.
Example Sentence: I’ll meet you in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel at 9pm.