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FLOATED /floʊt/

27 Jan 2020


  • start selling shares in a business or company for the first time
Example Sentences: The company plans to float next year.
We floated on the stock exchange last year.

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS /ˌɪn səˈfɪʃ ənt fʌndz/

27 Dec 2019


  • Insufficient Funds is a term indicating that a bank account balance is not enough to cover a cheque that has been written and presented for payment.
Example Sentences:We have had to return the attached cheque to you due to insufficient funds in your personal account.
The cheque will bounce if you have insufficient funds in your account.

HIRE haɪər

27 Nov 2019


  • Hire is a verb meaning to pay to use something for a short period.
Example Sentences: How much would it cost to hire a car for a week?
You could always hire a dress for the party if you can't afford to buy one.


27 Oct 2019


  • A money-spinner is a product or activity which produces a lot of money.
Example Sentences: The magazine was a money-spinner for a few years until the Internet became popular.
The iPod has been a real money-spinner for Apple.

BOND bɒnd

27 Sep 2019


  • Certificate issued by companies and governments to its lenders.
Example Sentences: Bonds are considered a safe investment as they are guaranteed by governments.

FACE-TO-FACE feɪs tu feɪs

27 Aug 2019


  • in the same place, especially of meetings.
Example Sentence: We had our first face-to-face meeting on Wednesday.

SHORE UP ʃɔr ʌp

27 Jul 2019


  • to make a system or organisation stronger and less likely to fail.
Example Sentence: The president has promised to shore up the economy.

FREE REIN fri reɪn

27 Jun 2019


  • allow somebody to do whatever they want.
Example Sentence: Each department had free rein to make decisions and set procedures.

LOOPHOLE lupˌhoʊ

27 May 2019


  • a mistake in the law that allows people to do something that they should not.
Example Sentence: Their lawyers found a loophole in the law and they were acquited.

TALK SHOP tɔk ʃɒp

27 Apr 2019


  • to talk about your job in a boring way.
Example Sentence: I'm not going to the office party. Everyone will just talk shop!

FUNDAMENTAL fʌndəˈmɛntl

27 Mar 2019


  • relating to essential structures, facts, or functions.
Example Sentence: They are considering fundamental changes to the education system.

BANKER’S DRAFT bæŋkərs dræft

27 Feb 2019


  • a written promise from a bank to pay money, especially to another bank.
Example Sentence: We require a banker's draft to secure the deal.

SAVE UP seɪv ʌp

27 Jan 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • save money.
Example Sentence: If you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.

BREAK DOWN breɪk daʊn

27 Dec 2018

Phrasal Verb

  • stop working.
Example Sentence: The photocopier has broken down again.

OVERHEADS oʊvərˈhɛds

27 Nov 2018


  • regular costs that a business must pay, such as electricity, salaries, etc.
Example Sentence: Internet companies have much lower overheads.