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INITIATIVE ɪˈnɪʃiətɪv

26 May 2019


  • an action, especially one that aims to solve a problem.
Example Sentence: The initiative aims to encourage more people to stay in education.

TACTIC tæktɪk

26 Apr 2019


  • strategy; a plan of how to achieve something.
Example Sentence: The tactic worked and they managed to seal a deal.

FREIGHT / frāt/

26 Mar 2019


  • A transportation term meaning any goods transported by a vehicle or ship, and/or any charges incurred for such transport.
Example Sentences:What is the freight charge for sending a container of this size to the UK?
90% of all freight entering the country is transported by rail to China.

APPOINT əˈpɔɪnt

26 Feb 2019


  • to officially give somebody a job, task or responsibility
Example Sentence: He was appointed as head of the investigation.


26 Jan 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • tolerate.
Example Sentence: He's not easy to live with - I think Jo puts up with a lot.

BACK UP bæk ʌp

26 Dec 2018

Phrasal Verb

  • support.
Example Sentence: His claims are backed up by recent research.

OUTLOOK aʊtˌlʊk

26 Nov 2018


  • how the future looks based on current predictions.
Example Sentence: The outlook for small firms has worsened in recent months.


26 Oct 2018


  • to make a profit.
Example Sentence: The supermarket has been turning a profit since it opened.

PREFERRED CUSTOMER prɪˈfɜrd kʌstəmər

26 Sep 2018


  • a customer who does much business with you.
Example Sentence: The man is a preferred customer and he always receives his products soon after he orders them.


26 Aug 2018


  • to make a suggestion or proposal at a meeting.
Example Sentence: The manager made a motion to finish the meeting early and continue the next day.

CRUNCH NUMBERS krʌntʃ nʌmbərz

26 Jul 2018


  • to do mathematical calculations.
Example Sentence: Our accountant loves to crunch numbers and he is one of the top managers in the company.

FLAT FEE flæt fi

26 Jun 2018


  • a fixed fee for a service that remains unchanged regardless of usage (e.g. a law firm is not paid by the hour for its services in a particular case but the type of case has a fixed fee)
Example Sentence: We will assist you with any business related legal issue and we offer you a flat fee payment option.

FORECAST fɔrˌkæst

26 May 2018


  • prediction; a statement concerning the future of something (e.g. a market segment, a product, exchange rates).
Example Sentence: The agency issued a gloomy forecast about the future of the sector.

REGULATOR rɛgyəˌleɪtər

26 Apr 2018


  • an organisation or body that controls an area of industry and monitors its fair operation.
Example Sentence: The Spanish regulator has not released any details about the new tender for spectrums so far.

RELIABLE rɪˈlaɪəbəl

26 Mar 2018


  • something or somebody that can be relied on and trusted.
Example Sentence: What we would like to do next is to design a highly reliable network and to gain competitive advantage over our rivals at last.