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13 Jun 2020


  • the highest amount or limit that can be charged for a product or service; also, the maximum number or quantity of goods that can be produced.
Example Sentence: The government decided to intervene and place a price ceiling on certain products - the impact on consumer demand and production was dramatic.

BREAKEVEN breɪkˈivən

13 May 2020


  • the point at which a business operation can begin to make profit, and no longer loses money.
Example Sentence: I'm sure my husband's company will reach breakeven within a year.

TO INFILTRATE ɪnˈfɪltreɪt

13 Apr 2020


  • to enter an organization/company secretly in order to gain information about it or cause harm to it.
Example Sentence: The company was infiltrated by Russian agents who stole the description of the new technology.

TAX ALLOWANCES tæks əˈlaʊəns

13 Mar 2020


  • Are concessions by the Inland Revenue which can be used to reduce a person's Taxable Income.
Example Sentence: Do you know how much the tax allowance is for a married person in Hong Kong?


13 Feb 2020


  • Is the idea that the price of goods and services depends on how much of something is being sold and how many people want to buy it.
Example Sentence: If we are going to remain competitive, we have no choice but to lower our prices. There are simply too many hotels in the city. It’s supply and demand!

STANDING ORDER /stan′diŋ ôr′dər/

13 Jan 2020


  • Purchase order covering repeated deliveries of goods or services in specified quantities, at specified prices, and according to a specified schedule.
Example Sentences:We have a standing order for 100 reams of A4 paper each month.
Since we’re ordering regularly from this supplier, I suggest we set up a standing order with them.

DIP INTO /dɪp ɪntʊ/

13 Dec 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • to spend part of your saved money.
Example Sentence: I've had to dip into my savings to pay for the repairs to the apartment.


13 Nov 2019


  • A draught is a current of unpleasantly cold air blowing through a room. (confusingly in US English they use 'draft' to mean this).
Example Sentences: Can you shut the door? - there's a terrible draught coming through.


13 Oct 2019


  • If you cut your losses, you stop wasting time or money on something, so you will not lose any more time or money.
Example Sentences: After spending weeks on the project and seeing no profit, the director decided to cut the company's losses and end the project.
The new restaurant already had a bad reputation so the owners cut their losses and closed it down.

SALES COMMISSION /seɪlz kəˈmɪʃ ən/

13 Sep 2019


  • payment to a salesperson for their efforts in marketing and selling something, usually calculated as a percentage of the total sales
Example Sentences:All our sales staff earn a 2.5% commission on their sales.
He’s moving to a company that pays a much better sales commission.

CHAIN tʃeɪn

13 Aug 2019


  • many shops that are run under the same name, brand & owner.
Example Sentence: The supermarket chain is opening a new store in the town.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ɪntlˈɛktʃuəl prɒpərti

13 Jul 2019


  • something that somebody creates which has value, esp. music, art, text, etc.
Example Sentence: The designer claims that her intellectual property rights were infringed.

UNIT COST yunɪt kɔst

13 Jun 2019


  • the cost of producing one item of a product.
Example Sentence: The unit cost of the product is just $2.

CLINCH klɪntʃ

13 May 2019


  • to successfully close a difficult business deal.
Example Sentence: After 5 hours of negotiating, they finally clinched a deal.

PERK pɜrk

13 Apr 2019


  • an added benefit of something, especially a job.
Example Sentence: The company car is just one of the perks of my new job.