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Human Resources

GARDEN LEAVE gɑrdn liv

24 May 2022


  • Paid cooling off period, typically three months, that your contract stipulates you cannot work before starting a new job. This is used by financial firms, in particular, to prevent people walking straight into a new job with hot information.
Example Sentence: He quit and was offered a job by one of the main competitors. He’s on garden leave for a few months.

TEAM PLAYER tim pleɪər

22 May 2022


  • Is someone who is good at working closely with other people.
Example Sentences: ABC Bank Ltd requires a team player committed to quality management.
He is a good team player and works well with all his colleagues.

LUNCHEON VOUCHERS /lʌntʃən vaʊtʃər/

02 May 2022


  • Luncheon vouchers are given by employers to employees to buy meals in some restaurants.
Example Sentences: Selected workers would benefit from luncheon vouchers, free transportation to the construction site and accommodation on location.

SICK PAY /sɪk peɪ/

30 Apr 2022


  • Sick pay is money given by an employer to someone who cannot work because of illness.
Example Sentences: Surely your company won't give you indefinite sick pay; don't they specify a time limit?

REDUNDANCY PAYMENT /rɪˈdʌndənsi peɪmənt/

26 Apr 2022


  • A redundancy payment is what a company pays to workers who are no longer needed.
Example Sentences: How was your redundancy payment calculated?
After working for the company for 20 years, I received a very generous redundancy payment.

DEPENDANT dɪˈpɛndənt

13 Mar 2022


  • A dependant is someone who depends on you for financial support, such as a child or family member who does not work.
Example Sentences: My pension will provide financial stability for my dependants.
The insurance provides coverage for workers and their dependants.

PRINCIPAL prɪnsəpəl

27 Feb 2022


  • A principal is the head of a school.
Example Sentences: The principal is in a meeting with the deputy-principal and senior teachers.


21 Feb 2022


  • Course has many meanings, but the most common meaning is a set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject, usually resulting in an exam or qualification.
Example Sentences: Tim did a three-year course in linguistics at London University.
They're going away on a training course next week.

PERSONNEL pɜrsəˈnɛl

15 Feb 2022


  • Personnel means employees or staff.
Example Sentences: The personnel department looked after 100 employees.
If you want to apply for a job please contact the personnel department.

PERSONAL pɜrsənl

14 Feb 2022


  • Personal means individual or private - a letter that is only to be opened by the person it is addressed to may be marked 'personal'.
Example Sentences: She left the room to take a personal phone call.
The letter had 'personal' on the envelope so she didn’t open it.


13 Jan 2022


  • to not have enough of something.
Example Sentence: Experienced computer programmers are in short supply in our company.

IN-HOUSE ɪnˌhaʊs

05 Aug 2021


  • provided or carried out by the company and not by an external contractor.
Example Sentence: We are arranging an in-house training course for managers.

DOWNSIZE daʊnˌsaɪz

01 Aug 2021


  • to reduce the size of a company or operation by shedding resources.
Example Sentence: The were forced to downsize due to increasing overheads.

DEMOTE dɪˈmoʊt

30 Jul 2021


  • to be moved to a position of lower status.
Example Sentence: He was demoted because of poor performance.

INCENTIVE ɪnˈsɛntɪv

30 Jun 2021


  • something that incites or encourages an action or greater effort.
Example Sentence: Many universities have started providing large incentives to encourage student enrolment.