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01 Jun 2020


  • to practise e.g. a presentation before actually delivering it.
Example Sentence: It is important to rehearse before delivering a presentation, partly because you can gain the necessary confidence this way.

CREDIT LIMIT krɛdɪt lɪmɪt

01 May 2020


  • the maximum amount of money a financial institution e.g. a bank is willing to give someone.
Example Sentence: If your credit limit with your bank is too low, it's not the best solution to acquire credit cards from several different banks.

VENDOR vɛndər

01 Apr 2020


  • someone who sells something.
Example Sentence: The street vendor offered a range of products made by local people.

OPTION ɒpʃən

01 Mar 2020


  • The right to buy and sell certain securities at a specified price and period of time.
Example Sentence: Part of the deal is that we are given options to buy 100,000 shares at 0.35c a share.

BURN RATE bɜrn reɪt

01 Feb 2020


  • Refers to the amount of money a start-up company spends from month to month (money burnt) in order to survive.
Example Sentences: A burn-rate of $50,000 would mean the company spends $50,000 a month above any incoming cash flow to sustain its business.
Our current burn rate is US$15,000 per month. At this rate, we'll be able to continue operating the business until the end of the year.


01 Jan 2020


  • to give a credit card to a customer.
Example Sentence: The bank issues three kinds of credit cards.

SPLASH OUT /splæʃ aʊt/

01 Dec 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • to spend a lot of money on something you don't need, but is very pleasant.
Example Sentence: When the city traders get their annual bonus, they splash out on everything from sports cars to luxury houses.

LICENCE līˈsəns

01 Nov 2019


  • A licence is an official document which gives you permission to own, do or use something, usually after you have paid money and/or taken a test. (UK ENGLISH: License)
Example Sentences: Do you need a licence to operate a fork-lift truck?
The police officer checked his driving licence.


01 Oct 2019


  • to not have enough of something.
Example Sentence: Experienced computer programmers are in short supply in our company.

TRADEOFF treɪdˌɔf

01 Aug 2019


  • a situation in which you accept something bad in exchange for something good.
Example Sentence: They may be willing to accept the tradeoff of a higher price for time saved.

BUYOUT baɪˌaʊt

01 Jul 2019


  • when a person or group buys control of a company.
Example Sentence: A private equity firm has completed its $3.5bn buyout of the UK music group.

MEET DEMAND mit dɪˈmænd

01 Jun 2019


  • manage to supply enough of something.
Example Sentence: The company is struggling to meet the sudden demand.

TRANSPARENT trænsˈpɛərənt

01 May 2019


  • clear and open for all to see.
Example Sentence: People want the government to have more transparent processes.

MAKE GAINS meɪk geɪns

01 Apr 2019


  • to achieve a stronger position or get positive results (especially business)
Example Sentence: He's confident that the company will make gains in the near future.


01 Mar 2019


  • a receipt from a carrier confirming that the goods have been received.
Example Sentence: States may require freight carriers to provide their bill of lading.