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RETAIL riteɪl

06 Apr 2020


  • related to the selling of goods in small quantities (e.g. in a store).
Example Sentence: The retail price was reduced by 30% after the holidays.

SHARE CERTIFICATE ʃɛər sərˈtɪfɪkɪt

06 Mar 2020


  • Certificate representing the number of shares owned by an investor.
Example Sentences: In order to sell shares you own in a publicly-listed company, you will need to show your share certificate to your broker.
If you lose your share certificate, you will have to request another one from the company secretary of the company you have invested in.

VENTURE CAPITAL vɛntʃər kæpɪtl

06 Feb 2020


  • Money raised by companies to finance new ventures in exchange for percentage ownership.
Example Sentences: Venture capital firms have a reputation for negotiating tough financing terms and setting high demands on target companies.
The company is looking for venture capital investment in order to expand. They're willing to sell 25% of the company for $400,000.

STONE BROKE /stoʊni broʊk/

06 Jan 2020


  • If you are stone broke, you are completely without money.
Example Sentences: Don't ask Jim to lend you any money; he's stone broke.

SCRAPE BY /skreɪp baɪ/

06 Dec 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • to manage to live on very little money.
Example Sentence: He lost his job, so the family had to scrape by on $150 a week.

REMINDER rɪˈmaɪndər

06 Nov 2019


  • A reminder is a written or spoken message which reminds someone to do something.
Example Sentences: If he forgot to pay his rent, his landlady would send him a reminder.
Mum sent me off with a final reminder to be back before 11pm.


06 Oct 2019


  • To get something off the ground is to actually start something that has been planned.
Example Sentences: We have the plans to build this. Now, what do we have to do to get this off the ground?
Let's see if we can finally get this merger off the ground!

INSOLVENT ɪnˈsɒlvənt

06 Sep 2019


  • unable to pay debts.
Example Sentence: In order to avoid becoming insolvent he decided to open a savings account.

BRAND LOYALTY brænd lɔɪəlti

06 Aug 2019


  • a group's willingness to continue buying the same product.
Example Sentence: Their sales did not fall due to their customer's brand loyalty.

COMMODITY kəˈmɒdɪti

06 Jul 2019


  • something that can be bought or sold e.g. a resource or product.
Example Sentence: Primary commodities tend to be produced in poorer countries.

POLICY pɒləsi

06 Jun 2019


  • a plan of what to do in certain situations; a set of ideas.
Example Sentence: The company has a clear policy on dealing with bullying.

VOUCHER vaʊtʃər

06 May 2019


  • a paper which can be exchanged for something up to a certain value.
Example Sentence: My aunty always gives me book vouchers at Christmas.

DURABLE dʊərəbəl

06 Apr 2019


  • lasting a long time without wear.
Example Sentence: Their range of kitchen products are durable but inexpensive.

CHECKOUT tʃɛkˌaʊt

06 Mar 2019


  • the place in a shop or supermarket where you pay.
Example Sentence: When he went to the checkout he realised he had no money.

TURN UP tɜrn ʌp

06 Feb 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • appear.
Example Sentence: Did your glasses ever turn up?