If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please download the User Guide (9mb). This gives full explanations of how to use Workplace English Training E-Platform and describes all its features.

  • How can we access the member's area of the E-Platform?

    You can access Workplace English Training E-Platform at:


    At the top right hand corner of the page, you will see the above login box. Type in the Username and Password given to you.


    If you are a corporate user, after logging in, you will be required to login for a second time with your real name. You will see the secondary login screen.




    First- time users must register first.

    1. Type in your real name and email address.
    2. Choose a Username and Password that you’ll be able to remember easily.
    3. Verify your Password
    4. Register.


    The next time you login, go to ‘User Login’ and type in your Username and Password, then click ‘Continue.’


    If you lose or forget your Username or Password, click on the relevant link. Your details will be emailed to you.


    If you are a corporate user, registering will allow your HR/Training Manager to monitor and track staff staff usage of the E-Platform.

  • Where do I Start?

    Workplace English Training E-Platform is one of the world's leading online resources for learning business English. The site includes hundreds of speaking, writing, reading and vocabulary lessons, as well as other learning resources and reference material. The difficulty for new users is knowing where to start.




    This page summarizes some of the main learning areas of the site and directs users according to what they need to learn and how much time they’re willing to spend on self-study. Also explained is how the level check test fits in with the different learning modules.



  • What is the Content Showcase and what is its purpose?

    You’ll find the Content Showcase on the main page of the site or by clicking on the ‘Content Showcase’ menu button.




     Each month, we change the articles in the Content Showcase.


     The purpose of the Content Showcase is to give learners who haven’t explored the Learning Centre, an idea of the type and range of content included in the site.


     Users will need to login to access articles from the Content Showcase.


    You can subscribe to the Content Showcase newsletter and be informed by email of the topics each month.

  • How can we subscribe to your free newsletters?

    To access the newsletters subscription page, click on the ‘Resources’ link in the main menu, then click on the drop-down menu link ‘Subscribe to Newsletters.’





    You can choose the type of newsletter you would like to subscribe to and how often you would like to receive it. And you can subscribe to as many newsletters as you like.





    All newsletters are sent by email to your registered email address. You will receive one email from us to validate your email address.


    The newsletters include texts links back to new content published in Workplace English Training E-Platform.


    The aim of these newsletters is to encourage users to return to the site more frequently.


  • How can we search for content?

    The site search facility is located at the top of each page.





    You can search for content using:

    1. Keyword Search
    2. Seach Content Database

    If you are looking for some specific content, use Search Content Database. This will allow you to search all content in the Learning Centre and the Business Document Templates.



  • What is the purpose of the Level Check and how can we access it?

    You can access the Level Check from "My Learning" module.




    Test Overview


    Our Business English Proficiency Test, designed by language experts, is based on the same methodology as IELTS and BULATS. The test assesses your English level for Business. The results are presented in a report that indicates your ability in the assessed skills of Reading/Language Knowledge and Listening. The report describes what you can and cannot do in these language areas. The test is FREE only for subscribers!


    How can the Test Help me?


    • It gives you an opportunity to set realistic goals for   language improvement based on your level.
    • It helps you target which areas you need to work on   and which level you need to start from.


    Test Instructions


    This is a comprehensive test. You will need to set aside a maximum of 75 minutes of your time. You will also need Windows Media Player for the listening section of the test. If you do not have it, follow this link. Ensure your speakers/headphones are switched on.


    • Click on the “TAKE TEST” button below to access the   test.
    • The listening section lasts for a maximum of 40   minutes - to move to the next pages, you should click   the flashing icon at the bottom right hand corner.
    • To listen to the script, click the audio icon. To listen for  a second time, click the audio icon again.


    Once you've completed the test, click the Submit button. You will see your English Level Proficiency Report including your benchmark in each section of the test and a description of your level.

  • How do we use the Student Helpline?

    You can post questions on a variety of topics connected to business English at the forum. Feel free to answer each others posts.




    We will endeavor to answer all posts connected with business English. Any post not connected with the sub-forum it is posted in will be removed from the board.


    You‘ll find direct links to the forum from the speaking, writing, reading and vocabulary topics.

    In addition, if you have any technical queries about the site, please post them here under the relevant sub-forum.


    All posts are moderated and will take up to 24 hours to appear on the forum.

  • How can we set up a course in the My Courses module?

    We offer four levels of Business Writing and Business Speaking, as well as a number of other more specialised business English courses. All courses can be accessed through the My Courses module.



    1. Click on “My Learning” and then “My Courses.’ Alternatively, click on the “Create My Course” link in the login box.
    2. Select the course you would like to study from the options listed.
    3. Click “Save My Course.”
    4. You can create a new course anytime by clicking on the “Create New Course” button.
    5. You can access your course anytime by clicking on the “Show My Course” text link in the login box.
    6. Links to course topics will change colour after you have visited the URL so you will know which topics you have already studied.
    Note: You will lose your saved course if you clear your browser cache.
  • How can we create a learning path in the My Learning Path module?

    You can create your own course based on your learning needs through the “My Learning Path” module.





    1. You can create your own course based on your learning needs through the “My Learning Path” module.
    2. Click the “My Learning” menu button and then select “My Learning Path.” Alternatively, click on the “Create My Learning Path” link in the login box.
    3. Select your business English level from the drop-down box options, and then click “Show Topics.”
    4. All the topics in our archive will display for your level. Select the topics you would like to study. Then click “Save My Learning Path.”
    5. You can create a new learning path by clicking on the “Create New Learning Path” button.
    6. You can view your learning path by clicking on the “Show My Learning Path” link in the login box.





    Note: You will lose your Learning Path if you clear your browser cache.

  • How can we use the Job-Specific Learning Path module?

    The learning platform includes a huge archive of learning material. It’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what you should study especially if you have a limited amount of time for self-study. Do you need to learn English specifically for the job you do? If so, you may want to use one of the Job-Specific Learning Paths that we have already set up.





    We’ve created several job-specific learning maps for a number of common job types. All you need to do it click on your job type and you’ll be taken to a list of topics organised by category. These topics will be the ones most relevant to your job.





    If you have a limited amount of time in which to study, then focusing on the topics under your job type would be advisable.


  • How can we set up a learning path in the Secondary Schools Learning Path module?

    The Secondary Schools Learning Path Module includes 200+ online lesson from our content database covering topics suggested in the Hong Kong English language curriculum such as telephone skills, meeting skills, and writing business emails and letters. The modules include study notes and interactive exercises with audio and video.






    A list of learning modules will display when you click on the link highlighted in the image above. The modules are listed according the business English skill, i.e. Business Writing, Business Speaking, Business Vocabulary, and Business Reading.


    Each business English skill is sub-divided into topic areas. For example, under Business Writing you will find topic areas such as business email, business letters and business reports.


    Go down the list of topics selecting the ones you would like to study by clicking on the boxes beside each topic.


    Then click on the tab at the bottom or top of the page "Create Learning Path.” The system will save your School Learning Path under your school account.





    You can access your Learning Path anytime by clicking “Show My Learning Path” in the login box at the top of the screen.

  • Where is the Past Volumes Archive of the E-Magazine and how can we access the volumes?

    You can access the ‘Past Volumes Archive’ by clicking first on the ‘Learning Centre’ link button in the main menu at the top of the screen. Then select ‘Past Volumes Archive’ from the drop-down options.





    The ‘Past Volumes Archive’ includes all the past volumes or Workplace English Training E-Magazine from Volume 1 (January 2006) to 54 (June 2010).


    To access a past volume, you need to be logged in. Just click on a volume number and you will be directed to the main menu of that volume.

  • Learning Maps are in each issue of the E-Magazine. How can learners use the maps?

    Learning Maps are included for all volumes of the E-Magazine from August 2008. They are available in English, traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. You'll find links to the Learning Maps in the main menu of each volume.




    To access the Learning Maps, click on the links on the right side of the main menu for each volume.




    The Learning Maps will guide learners to topics in the issue which are more suitable for their English proficiency level.


    Lower level learners are encouraged to try certain more advanced topics. These topics are labeled as ‘Challenging.’


    NOTE: The Learning Maps are only a guide. Feel free to try any of the topics even if it may be too easy or too difficult for you.


  • Do you have any tips for using the business speaking lessons?

    Each business speaking lesson includes a number of listening practice exercises to test your knowledge of the functional language introduced.








    • Combine each exercise with pronunciation practice. Play the short audio clips, record your voice with the built in voice recorder and check your stress and pronunciation.
    • Repeat each exercise until you get all the questions correct.
    • Check the feedback carefully once you have completed and exercise.
    • Make a note of any new language points in the built in ‘Scratch Pad’ while you are doing an exercise.


    Each topic includes printer-friendly notes, including the dialogue scripts, vocabulary glossary, study notes, functional language and podcast transcripts. Just click on the print icon in the bottom left corner of the topic menu. The notes are in Adobe PDF format. You can view and print the notes using Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free software program).


    If you have any questions about a topic, click on the Q&A link at the bottom left corner of the topic menu. Your questions will be posted to the Business Speaking Forum.


  • How can we print the lessons in each volume of the E-Magazine?

    Each volume of the E-Platform includes a printer-friendly version in Adobe PDF format. The printer-friendly version includes all the articles, dialogue transcripts and study notes.




    You can view the printer-friendly version using free software ‘Acrobat Reader.



    To download, save and print the printer-friendly version:


    • Click on the link on the right side of the issue main menu named ‘print version.’
    • When a pop-up screen appears, click ‘Save’ and choose a folder on your PC to save the file to.
    • Double click the file. It will open in Adobe Reader if you have the software installed on your PC.
    • The file will open on the issue menu page. Just click on the links on the right in blue to go to a particular topic.
    • Click ‘print’ and choose the range of pages you wish to print out.