In this month's business speaking skills topic we’re going to be looking a various ways of expressing likes, dislikes and preferences. It is very easy to simply say ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’ something, but it is more difficult to state by what degree you like or dislike it. And, it’s often not just a question of directly stating how you feel about something. In many situations you’ll have to be careful about your tone – how direct or indirect your language is. Stating dislikes and preferences too directly can sometimes cause offence. You’ll need to consider who you’re speaking to and the context of the situation when choosing your words


Annie Dawson, a web designer at, an online book company, has been requested by her boss, Philip Telford, to create a website for the company’s new line of books. Since the books are educational, as well as entertaining, Philip really wants a visually appealing website which can capture the feeling of the company’s new line of books and, therefore, bring success to the new line.

You're going to listen to Annie presenting her draft website designs to her boss, Philip, to get his feedback.