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BEP 20 - Employment Interview Techniques

28 Oct 2018

In this podcast lesson you're going to listen to an employment interview. Pay close attention to the questions asked by the interviewer – he uses a range of common interview question types.


Vivian Ren is a Human Resources Assistant Manager for a large international accounting company; she has been looking for a new position as she feels her current job isn't challenging enough after being in the position for over eight years. She has been asked to an interview by a large airlines company for the Head of the Human Resources.


BEP 56: Interviewing in English

25 Aug 2012

In this podcast lesson, we will look at the many types of questions you can ask while interviewing someone. Some questions are open-ended and others are close-ended, and there are a number of categories of questions, such as past-performance questions, negative-balance questions, and judgement-call questions. A successful interview is one that combines different types of questions to get comprehensive information from the person being interviewed, and that assesses the job applicant’s capabilities effectively.


You will now listen to an extract from an interview between Lila, an HR manager at an investment bank, and Edgar, who has applied for a position at the company.