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MONUMENT mɒnyəmənt

31 Oct 2021


  • a statue or structure built to remember a person or an event.
Example Sentence: The Taj Mahal was built by an emperor in memory of his wife. It is a monument to eternal love.



GUIDE gaɪd

29 Oct 2021


  • the person who takes tourists to different locations. (v) to take a tourist to places of interest.
Example Sentence: Our tour guide in Shanghai was fantastic. She told us all about the history and culture of this amazing city.



CURRENCY kɜrənsi

27 Oct 2021


  • the unit of money that is used in a country.
Example Sentence: The unit of currency in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar.




25 Oct 2021


  • a journey on a ship for pleasure. (v) to sail on a ship for pleasure.
Example Sentence: Next summer my grandparents are going on a cruise around the Greek Islands.




23 Oct 2021


  • go travelling usually on a small budget carrying all your possession in a backpack.
Example Sentence: Many students spend a year or two backpacking, through Asia or South America, after they complete their university study.



FESTIVAL fɛstəvəl

21 Oct 2021


  • a time of celebration or ceremony.
Example Sentence: The festival in Phuket will be celebrated in September this year.



ECOTOURISM ɛkoʊˈtʊərɪzəm

18 Oct 2021


  • environmentally friendly tourism, usually to a place of nature.
Example Sentence: We have a new ecotourism centre in our village where you can find out about our natural farming techniques.



ROUTE raʊt

17 Oct 2021


  • the way or the roads you travel to get to your destination.
Example Sentence: The route from the airport to our hotel takes in some stunning views of the ocean.



DEPARTURE dɪˈpɑrtʃər

15 Oct 2021


  • the act of leaving or going away.
Example Sentence: Departure time will be 3pm tomorrow. Please be packed and ready to leave!



DESTINATION dɛstəˈneɪʃən

13 Oct 2021


  • the place someone is travelling to.
Example Sentence: Our final destination today will be a restaurant on the beach for a sunset dinner.



ACCOMMODATION əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən

11 Oct 2021


  • a place where people can live or sleep.
Example Sentence: We have not decided on our accommodation yet. We might stay with friends, in a hotel or maybe even rent a cottage!



BROCHURE broʊˈʃʊər

09 Oct 2021


  • a small leaflet or booklet usually advertising or giving some information.
Example Sentence: Please take a look at our brochure. It has all the details and opening times of the local museums.



ITINERARY aɪˈtɪnəˈrɛri

07 Oct 2021


  • the plan of your travel, the places you will visit on a trip.
Example Sentence: Your tour guide will plan the itinerary of your holiday for your visit to Scotland.



SIGHTSEE saɪtˌsi

05 Oct 2021


  • go and see interesting places and tourist attractions.
Example Sentence: Last year we went to London. We spent most of the trip sightseeing, there was so much to see!