Banking and Finance

REMORTGAGE reɪmɔrgɪdʒ

28 Mar 2020


  • arrange a second mortgage (= an agreement with a bank or similar organization in which you borrow money to buy property), or increase the first mortgage, especially in order to obtain more money.
Example Sentence: In order to raise funds to pay off my debts, I’ve had to remortgage my apartment.

MORTGAGE mɔrgɪdʒ

27 Mar 2020


  • An agreement which allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization, especially in order to buy a house or an apartment.
Example Sentence: Banks are now being a lot more cautious about who they lend money to. It’s getting much more difficult to arrange a mortgage on a property.


26 Mar 2020


  • profit (or loss) on an investment, often expressed as a percentage.
Example Sentence: I initially invested $50,000 in the company. In the past 5 years, the company has paid me $150,000 in profit share. That’s what I call an excellent return on investment.

HEDGE FUNDS hɛdʒ fʌnd

25 Mar 2020


  • Hedge funds are speculative funds which make large bets on market movements. They utilize borrowed money to substantially leverage their returns (and losses), often at a factor of ten to one, or more. They purchase exotic securities and also take substantial short positions when they think the market or a particular sector of the market will go down.
Example Sentence: Hedge funds are extremely risky and are suitable for high-wealth investors only.

CASH RICH kæʃ rɪtʃ

24 Mar 2020


  • describes someone who has most of the wealth in cash.
Example Sentence: I keep all my money in the bank in a high-interest account. I consider myself to be cash rich.

NET WORTH /nɛt/ /wɜrθ/

23 Mar 2020


  • Net Worth is the value of a person’s assets, including cash, minus total liabilities. It is often used as an underwriting guideline to indicate an individual's creditworthiness and financial strength.
Example Sentences:He may appear to be rich, but his net worth is quite small, actually. He has 95% mortgages on most of his properties.
Bill Gates’ net worth increased dramatically over the past year due to the good performance of Microsoft’s shares.

YIELD yild

12 Mar 2020


  • Return on investment shown as a percentage.
Example Sentence: On average last year I was getting a 7.7% yield on my property investments.
The company offered a 10% yield on its investment.

TRADER treɪdər

11 Mar 2020


  • Investor who holds stocks and securities for a short time (minutes, hours or days) with the objective of making profit from short-term gains in the market.
Example Sentence: Traders need to choose just the right time to buy and sell shares. A minute's delay can cost them a lot of money.

STOCKHOLDER stɒkˌhoʊldər

10 Mar 2020


  • Person who owns stocks and shares.
Example Sentence: Four stockholders own 88% of the company between them.

STOCKBROKER stɒkˌbroʊkər

09 Mar 2020


  • A licensed professional who buys and sells stocks and shares for clients in exchange for a fee, called a 'commission'.
Example Sentence: Bill is a stockbroker for a big investment bank. He earns a huge salary but he has to work long and suffer a great deal of stress.

STOCK stɒk

08 Mar 2020


  • Shares (portion of the capital of a business company) held by an investor.
Example Sentence: How much stock do you own in the company?
His Microsoft stock must be worth millions.

SPECULATOR spɛkyəˌleɪtər

07 Mar 2020


  • Someone who buys and sells stocks and shares in the hope of making a profit through changes in their value.
Example Sentence: A property speculator is interested in buying some farmland from us. He hopes to be able to build houses on it one day.

SHARE CERTIFICATE ʃɛər sərˈtɪfɪkɪt

06 Mar 2020


  • Certificate representing the number of shares owned by an investor.
Example Sentences: In order to sell shares you own in a publicly-listed company, you will need to show your share certificate to your broker.
If you lose your share certificate, you will have to request another one from the company secretary of the company you have invested in.

SHARE ʃɛər

05 Mar 2020


  • The capital of a company is divided into shares which entitle the owner, or shareholder, to a proportion of the profits.
Example Sentences: The value of this company's shares has gone up 45% in the last week.
How many shares will we get in the company?

SECURITIES sɪˈkyʊərɪti

04 Mar 2020


  • Transferable certificates showing ownership of stock, bonds, shares, options, etc.
Example Sentence: Before we can grant you a loan, we would need some collateral from you in the form of securities.