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GET AT gɛt æt

05 Dec 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • to say indirectly.
Example Sentence: What are you getting at, Andy? Do you think I was wrong to tell her?

FOLLOW UP fɒloʊ ʌp

04 Dec 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • get more information.
Example Sentence: The manager has said he would follow up the idea.

FIX UP fɪks ʌp

03 Dec 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • arrange.
Example Sentence: I'd like to fix up a meeting with you for some time next week if that's possible.

DREAM UP drim ʌp

02 Dec 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • invent something wild.
Example Sentence: They've asked a marketing company to dream up a name for their latest product.

DRAW UP drɔ ʌp

01 Dec 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • make first version.
Example Sentence: My lawyer is drawing up a draft of the contract.

COUNT ON kaʊnt ɒn

30 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • rely.
Example Sentence: I was counting on that extra bit of income to pay for the course.

COME UP kʌm ʌp

29 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • mentioned.
Example Sentence: The issue came up during the meeting.


28 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • attract.
Example Sentence: The minister has come in for a lot of criticism over his handling of the affair.

CLEAR UP klɪər ʌp

27 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • make understandable.
Example Sentence: Have I cleared up anything that you did not understand?

CATCH UP kætʃ ʌp

26 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • reach same point.
Example Sentence: I've been on holiday and need to catch up with the latest developments.

BUILD UP bɪld ʌp

25 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • increase.
Example Sentence: There were big delays as traffic built up on the roads into the city.

BRING FORWARD brɪŋ fɔrwərd

24 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • make earlier.
Example Sentence: The book's publication date has been brought forward.

BREAK UP breɪk ʌp

23 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • collapse.
Example Sentence: He may break up under all the stress.

BREAK INTO /breɪk ɪntʊ/

22 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • to start to use money that you have saved.
Example Sentence: I broke into my savings to buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend.

BREAK DOWN breɪk daʊn

21 Nov 2016

Phrasal Verb

  • stop working.
Example Sentence: The photocopier has broken down again.