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CONCESSION kənˈsɛʃən

25 May 2015


  • the act of accepting less than you originally wanted.
Example Sentence: They made a concession by dropping the price.

COMPLY WITH kəmˈplaɪ wɪθ

24 May 2015

Phrasal Verb

  • to follow or behave in line with an official rule.
Example Sentence: Does this product comply with our national safety standards?

COMMERCIAL kəˈmɜrʃəl

23 May 2015


  • an advertisement on the television.
Example Sentence: He went to make a coffee during the commercial break.

CHAIN tʃeɪn

22 May 2015


  • many shops that are run under the same name, brand & owner.
Example Sentence: The supermarket chain is opening a new store in the town.

CEMENT RELATIONS sɪˈmɛnt rɪˈleɪʃəns

21 May 2015


  • to make a relationship stronger.
Example Sentence: The week long team building really cemented relations in the group.

CARRIER kæriər

20 May 2015


  • the company responsible for transporting freight.
Example Sentence: The carrier will deliver the goods to the port in Hong Kong.

CAMPAIGN kæmˈpeɪn

19 May 2015


  • a group of activities that want to achieve a particular aim.
Example Sentence: They've launched a new advertising campaign on the TV.

BUDGET CONSTRAINT bʌdʒɪt kənˈstreɪnt

18 May 2015


  • things that limit the amount of money that can be spent.
Example Sentence: The department manager was restricted by strict budget constraints.

BROCHURE broʊˈʃʊər

17 May 2015


  • a magazine that advertises a company's products or services.
Example Sentence: I saw some holiday brochures on the table. Are you going away?

BREAK OFF breɪkˌɔf

16 May 2015

Phrasal Verb

  • (of a relationship) to finish completely.
Example Sentence: The two countries broke off relations following the diplomatic dispute.

BRAND LOYALTY brænd lɔɪəlti

15 May 2015


  • a group's willingness to continue buying the same product.
Example Sentence: Their sales did not fall due to their customer's brand loyalty.

APTITUDE TEST æptɪˌtud tɛst

14 May 2015


  • a test which measures a person's ability to do a certain job.
Example Sentence: Candidates will be required to complete an aptitude test.

ADVENT ædvɛnt

13 May 2015


  • the arrival of something that has been waited for a long time.
Example Sentence: The advent of affordable electric vehicles will help the environment.

UNDERCUT ʌndərˈkʌt

12 May 2015


  • to charge less than a competitor.
Example Sentence: They have reduced their price to undercut their rivals.

TURNAROUND tɜrnəˌraʊnd

11 May 2015


  • an improvement following poor performance.
Example Sentence: The impressive sales figures are a dramatic turnaround for the company.
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