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CONSIGNMENT kənˈsaɪnmənt

21 December 2014


  • a certain amount of deliverable products.
Example Sentence: The consignment of goods from Belgium is delayed.

FOLLOW UP fɒloʊ ʌp

20 December 2014

Phrasal Verb

  • get more information.
Example Sentence: The manager has said he would follow up the idea.


19 December 2014


  • the state of being secret.
Example Sentence: I am giving you this information in complete confidentiality.

COMMUTE kəˈmyut

18 December 2014


  • to travel to and from a city every day for work.
Example Sentence: I commute to work by train, a round-trip distance of 40 miles.


17 December 2014


  • money which is paid when somebody achieves certain targets.
Example Sentence: The salary is average but they can earn commission on top.

COHERENT koʊˈhɪərənt

16 December 2014


  • well-organised (typically used to describe a text or speech)
Example Sentence: He gave a coherent argument for making all drugs legal.

CLASSIC BRAND klæsɪk brænd

15 December 2014


  • a brand that many people have known for a long time.
Example Sentence: Coca Cola is the best known classic brand.

CHECKOUT tʃɛkˌaʊt

14 December 2014


  • the place in a shop or supermarket where you pay.
Example Sentence: When he went to the checkout he realised he had no money.


13 December 2014

Phrasal Verb

  • to cancel an event.
Example Sentence: They called off the meeting as there wasn't a room available.

BRISK brɪsk

12 December 2014


  • quick and lively.
Example Sentence: Business has been brisk this morning; we've sold 500 units already.

BOOST bust

11 December 2014


  • to give extra energy or increase something, such as sales.
Example Sentence: They're hoping that the new ad campaign will boost sales.

BOOM bum

10 December 2014


  • a period of economic improvement and increased consumption.
Example Sentence: There was a boom in the 1980s in the UK.


09 December 2014


  • a receipt from a carrier confirming that the goods have been received.
Example Sentence: States may require freight carriers to provide their bill of lading.

BENEFICIARY ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃiˌɛri

08 December 2014


  • the person who will receive something.
Example Sentence: I was the sole beneficiary in my father's will.

BANKER’S DRAFT bæŋkərs dræft

07 December 2014


  • a written promise from a bank to pay money, especially to another bank.
Example Sentence: We require a banker's draft to secure the deal.
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