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TO DISCONTINUE dɪskənˈtɪnyu

29 Apr 2020


  • to stop doing something e.g. production of a product.
Example Sentence: The company decided to discontinue operations last month because the factory was making losses.

RETAIL CHAIN riteɪl tʃeɪn

28 Apr 2020


  • a number of similar shops or stores that sell products to the public.
Example Sentence: We have only one retail chain in our town. I've never liked them – the choice of dairy products on offer is really poor. I think some competition would do them good.

TO FACILITATE fəˈsɪlɪˌteɪt

27 Apr 2020


  • to make an activity, a process etc easier to happen.
Example Sentence: Do you think a new marketing campaign would facilitate increasing sales?

TO INFRINGE ɪnˈfrɪndʒ

26 Apr 2020


  • to violate/break a law, rule or regulation.
Example Sentence: If you infringe copyright regulations, you can expect a heavy fine.

FRAUD frɔd

25 Apr 2020


  • the act cheating somebody with the purpose of getting something (products, money etc) illegally.
Example Sentence: He was involved in a one billion dollar fraud.

BRICKS AND MORTAR brɪkənˈmɔrtər

24 Apr 2020


  • describing a business where customers can go when they want to buy something, as opposed to purely internet-based businesses.
Example Sentence: Operating a purely bricks-and-mortar business has several advantages, e.g. you don't have to pay the usual overheads like gas and heating.

FIERCE fɪərs

23 Apr 2020


  • aggressive, violent OR extremely active.
Example Sentences: He became unexpectedly fierce when he was informed he was going to be dismissed.
There has always been fierce competition between our companies, but in our private lives we are best of friends.

BRAINSTORM breɪnˌstɔrm

22 Apr 2020


  • to think together as a team, often in order to come up with a solution to a particular problem.
Example Sentence: Although we have been brainstorming for weeks, we haven't been able to find a good way of getting ahead of our competitors so far – we might need to invite an expert to help.

PERSUASIVE pərˈsweɪsɪv

21 Apr 2020


  • able to make somebody do something or believe (in) something.
Example Sentences: He was so persuasive that it was impossible to beat him as a salesman – he could sell anyone anything any time.

LAW-ABIDING lɔəˌbaɪdɪŋ

20 Apr 2020


  • respecting the law.
Example Sentence: We are all law-abiding citizens. However, in business sometimes we have to interpret certain regulations in a bit more flexible way in order to remain profitable in the current crisis

ESPIONAGE ɛspiəˌnɑʒ

19 Apr 2020


  • the activity of secretly acquiring information about another company/competitor/country etc in order to gain an unfair advantage.
Example Sentence: Industrial espionage has always been a real threat in this country, and things don't seem to be improving under the new regulations either.

TO STIFLE staɪfəl

18 Apr 2020


  • To prevent something from happening.
Example Sentence: The strong yen stifles economic growth.

TO SATURATE (a market) sætʃəˌreɪt

17 Apr 2020


  • to fill a market with a certain product to such an extent that no new customer can be found.
Example Sentence: I'm afraid we've saturated the market of event organizers. Next year we'll have to diversify in order to retain the potential for growth.

TO SKYROCKET skaɪˌrɒkɪt

16 Apr 2020


  • if share prices, market prices, wages etc SKYROCKET, they rise really quickly and to a high level.
Example Sentence: We only managed to survive last year because share prices in this sector unexpectedly skyrocketed and it saved us from going bust.


15 Apr 2020


  • to make an official/serious promise to do something.
Example Sentence: The minister pledged to support the reconstruction of the old town despite the financial crisis.