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INFLATIONARY SPIRAL /ɪnˈfleɪʃəˌnɛri spaɪrəl/

15 Jan 2020


  • An inflationary spiral is when salaries and prices take turn to grow in short intervals.
Example Sentences: Recent rises in inflation are more likely to weaken consumer spending than lead to an inflationary spiral of higher salaries and prices.

REDUNDANCY PAYMENT /rɪˈdʌndənsi peɪmənt/

14 Jan 2020


  • A redundancy payment is what a company pays to workers who are no longer needed.
Example Sentences: How was your redundancy payment calculated?
After working for the company for 20 years, I received a very generous redundancy payment.

STANDING ORDER /stan′diŋ ôr′dər/

13 Jan 2020


  • Purchase order covering repeated deliveries of goods or services in specified quantities, at specified prices, and according to a specified schedule.
Example Sentences:We have a standing order for 100 reams of A4 paper each month.
Since we’re ordering regularly from this supplier, I suggest we set up a standing order with them.

MERCHANT BANK /mɜrtʃənt bæŋk/

12 Jan 2020


  • A merchant bank is a bank involved with companies rather than with people.
Example Sentence: Agro National Bank is a merchant bank which specialises in lending to the farming industry.

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT /ʌnɛmˈplɔɪmənt bɛnəfɪt/

11 Jan 2020


  • Unemployment benefit is regularly paid by the government to people who do not have a job.
Example Sentence: Over 2 million people in the United Kingdom receive unemployment benefit.

TRADE FAIR /treɪd fɛər/

10 Jan 2020


  • A trade fair is a large gathering at which companies show and sell their products.
Example Sentence: Singapore is currently holding an international trade fair for the IT industry.


09 Jan 2020


  • A bank's interest rate is the amount that the bank charges on money that it lends you.
Example Sentence: My bank's interest rate on mortgages currently stands at 4.75%; its interest rate on savings is just 1.3%.


08 Jan 2020


  • The consumer price index is a measurement of the changes in the cost of basic goods and services.
Example Sentence: Analysts were forecasting that the Consumer Price Index would register a 0.4 percent increase for July when that figure is released on Wednesday.

NEST EGG /nɛst ɛg/

07 Jan 2020


  • A nest egg is a sum of money that has been saved or kept for a special purpose.
Example Sentence: Regular investment of small amounts of money is an excellent way of building a nest egg.

STONE BROKE /stoʊni broʊk/

06 Jan 2020


  • If you are stone broke, you are completely without money.
Example Sentences: Don't ask Jim to lend you any money; he's stone broke.


05 Jan 2020


  • A joint-venture company is a company owned by two businesses which have joined together to share risk or expertise on a specific project or group of projects.
Example Sentence: In a bid to compete in the LED market, two Taiwanese companies from the mainstream silicon semiconductor business have established a joint-venture company.

LOAN SHARK /loʊn ʃɑrk/

04 Jan 2020


  • A loan shark charges very large amounts for lending money to someone.
Example Sentence: The loan shark, Gary Mills, made his money by charging a massive 25% interest a week.

INTEREST /ɪntərɪst/

03 Jan 2020


  • the money a bank pays you for their use of your money, or the money you pay the bank for a loan.
Example Sentence: The interest rate on her savings account was higher than that on her checking account.

A STATEMENT /steɪtmənt/

02 Jan 2020


  • a record of transactions that a bank sends its customers, usually every month.
Example Sentence: The bank statement always arrived on the third of the month.


01 Jan 2020


  • to give a credit card to a customer.
Example Sentence: The bank issues three kinds of credit cards.