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Business Reports / Proposals
Extract from a Business Proposal: Example of a More Formal Writing Style
Discussing the Findings: Exercises
Discussing the Findings: Study Notes
Model Business Report: Evaluation of the Unrest Amongst Factory Workers
Model Business Report: Extract
Report Writing Workshop: Study Notes
Extract from a Business Report
Gate-Switching Equipment
A Low-Cost Way to Reduce Energy Use
Computer Lab
Safety and Security of Offshore Oil-Drilling Platform #45
Seminar on Small Business Development
Weekly Meeting
Writing Memo Reports: Study Notes
Accident in the Loading Bay
Company Attitudes to Safety
Comparison of Laptop Computers
Evaluation of Business English Training Course
Explosion in Container Store
Internal Audit of Property Management Department
Investigation into Possible Sites for New Club
Review of Systems for Dealing with Correspondence
Staff Opinions on Formation of Staff Club
Survey of Staff Attitudes to Working Conditions
Survey of Telephone Manner
Writing Introductions to Business Reports - Study Notes
Extracts from Reports
Recruitment of Cleaners
Writing Conclusions to Reports - Practice Exercises
Writing Conclusions to Reports - Study Notes
Memo Reports 2 - Practice Exercises
Memo Reports 2 - Study Notes
Broadcast TV
Describing Graphs and Trends - Practice Exercises
Describing Graphs and Trends - Study Notes
Report on Recent Problems at the Factory
Abstract Example 1
Abstract Example 2
Abstract Example 3
Abstract Example 4
Abstract Example 5
Writing Abstracts to Business Reports - Practice Exercises
Writing Abstracts to Business Reports - Study Notes
Extract from a Report (Concluding Section)
Evaluation of Customer Service Staff Survey Results
Monthly Report
Inspection of Company Kitchens
Investigation into the Effectiveness of Appraisal System
Writing Business Proposals Part 1
Writing Business Proposals Part 2