Using Prepositions of Place
Using the Past Perfect Tense
Using Understandable Words in your Business Documents
Getting Native Speakers to Talk More Slowly on the Telephone
The Ten Classic Mistakes of Business Writing
Tips for Editing Your Business Documents
Tips to Improve Your English
Telephoning: General Advice
Improving Your English Through Reading
Punctuation: Using the Hyphen
Easily Confused Words 1: Exercise
Easily Confused Words 1: Study Notes
General Tips to Improve Your English: Study Notes
Spelling Rules and Help: Study Notes (Tips)
British vs American English: Exercises
Developing Your Vocabulary: Study Notes
Learning New Vocabulary: Study Notes
Tips for Writing Effective Email
Avoiding Referencing Mistakes
Bulleted Lists in Business Documents
Increading Specific Vocabulary
Avoiding Problem Words and Phrases
Becoming a Better Language Learner
Checking You Understand What Someone Says
Choosing a Dictionary
Structuring a Formal Business Report
Reading Advice
Usingn Articles (a/an/the)
Adjectives to Describe Personality for references, CVs, appraisals
Communication Problems in English
General Grammar and Writing Tips
Intonation - The Melody of English
Study Skills to Improve Your English
General Business Writing Advice
How to Start a Conversation
Methodology for Learning New Vocabulary
Methodology for Learning New Vocabulary
Speaking English on the Phone
Speaking Tips
Telephone Tips
Using Question Tags
Guidelines for Effective Email
Punctuation - The Dash and Brackets
Talking About Future Possibilities and Probabilities
Explaining Procedures – Sequence Words and Phrases
How to Address People in English
Overused Words in English
Showing Obligation – Should vs Ought to vs Have to vs Must
Tips for Successful Communication