Model Business Document: Job Advertisement
Model Business Document: Job Application Email
Analysis of Business Documents 29
Agreement and Disagreement (Expressions)
Using Approximate Language - Practice Exercises
Using Approximate Language - Study Notes
The A – Z of Redundant Phrases
Using Vague Language - Practice Exercise
Using Vague Language - Study Notes
Environmental Awareness - Practice Exercises
Environmental Awareness - Study Notes
Basic Customer Service Vocabulary in Context - Practice Exercises
Basic Customer Service Vocabulary in Context - Study Notes
The Language of Graphs and Charts - Practice Exercises
The Language of Graphs and Charts - Study Notes
Using the Past Perfect Tense
Getting Native Speakers to Talk More Slowly on the Telephone
Telephoning: General Advice
Improving Your English Through Reading
Punctuation: Using the Hyphen
Easily Confused Words 1: Exercise
Easily Confused Words 1: Study Notes
General Tips to Improve Your English: Study Notes
Developing Your Vocabulary: Study Notes
Learning New Vocabulary: Study Notes
Avoiding Referencing Mistakes
Bulleted Lists in Business Documents
Avoiding Problem Words and Phrases
Becoming a Better Language Learner
Checking You Understand What Someone Says
Choosing a Dictionary
Reading Advice
Usingn Articles (a/an/the)
Adjectives to Describe Personality for references, CVs, appraisals
General Grammar and Writing Tips
Intonation - The Melody of English
Study Skills to Improve Your English
How to Start a Conversation
Punctuation - The Dash and Brackets
Talking About Future Possibilities and Probabilities
Overused Words in English
Tips for Successful Communication
Using the Past Perfect Tense
Telephoning - Controlling a Call with a Native Speaker
Although vs Though vs Despite vs In Spite of
Asking for Payment in Writing
General Speaking Tips - Correcting Understanding
General Speaking Tips - Responding and Showing Interest
Conversation Starters with Overseas Visitors