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Formal learning is for members who want to see real improvements in their workplace English and who are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to achieve this goal. After taking a Level Check, members would then select learning content based on their level, need and relevancy to their work. The aim of formal learning is for members to:

  1. Improve their overall English level by focusing on their known areas of weakness and by following a level-based learning approach and
  2. Learn and develop the specific language and communication skills most relevant to their job.

Members can create and save learning paths and courses under their own account and steadily work their way through the learning content.

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Informal learning is for members who do not have the time to study regularly but who would like to maintain their level through brief daily or weekly practice. A number of the informal areas can be accessed online and downloaded to a portable device for use offline, thus maximising the limited time members can study, such as when travelling to work.

The aim of informal learning is for members to:

  1. Maintain their general English and workplace English level through brief study sessions both online and offline
  2. Learn new workplace vocabulary through word/phrase of the day
  3. Acquire workplace English knowledge through weekly tips
  4. Practice listening to real-life business scenarios through downloadable audio lessons (podcasts), and thus acquire new workplace communication skills and
  5. Learn from a range of downloadable workplace English resources – eBook Training Guides and past issues of The Language Key magazine – which can be printed out or accessed through a portable device offline.

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A number of different search options are available for members who want to find specific learning content.

  1. Click on the "Content Search" button. This searches content that has been tagged with keywords and descriptions. All formal learning content available on the site is listed here.
  2. If you want to search for and download the learning content of the site in a printable or audio/video format, use the Teacher's Area. This includes 2600+ categorised training resources in Word format. You need to have a teacher's membership or dual membership to access this area.

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Members can get help if they have technical problems or if they want more in-depth information about different areas and features of the site. They can also get help from our own Workplace English Expert by visiting the student helpline.

  1. WETE User FAQs (includes downloadable User Guide in PPS format)
  2. 'Support' where members can submit tickets to our IT team.
  3. Student Helpline where members can submit questions about using English to our Workplace English Expert.

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We publish a number of email newsletters to update members on newly published content. Members can subscribe to as many newsletters as they like and choose how often they would like to receive them. The purpose of the newsletters is to inform, motivate and encourage members to visit the site more often and hopefully to spend more time studying online or offline.

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