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24 May 2019



  • algo que incite ou favoreça a uma ação ou um esforço maior.
Frases de exemplo: Muitas universidades começaram a fornecer grandes incentivos para incentivar o ingresso dos alunos.

IN BULK ɪn bʌlk

23 May 2019


  • in large amounts.
Example Sentence: We buy paper in bulk at a very low price.

GO BUST goʊ bʌst

22 May 2019

Phrasal Verb

  • (of a company) close because it cannot make enough money.
Example Sentence: The company went bust after 12 months of severe losses.

FREE MARKET fri mɑrkɪt

21 May 2019


  • a market that is not influenced by the government.
Example Sentence: He supports a free market for goods in Europe.

FLOP flɒp

20 May 2019


  • very unsuccessful.
Example Sentence: The product was a flop and was discontinued after just 6 months.

ENDORSE ɛnˈdɔrs

19 May 2019


  • (of famous people) to publically say that you think a product is good.
Example Sentence: The boxer endorses the energy drink in their latest commercial.

END USER ɛnd yuzər

18 May 2019


  • the person who uses a product or service.
Example Sentence: We need more feedback from end users.

DISMISS dɪsˈmɪs

17 May 2019


  • to end somebody's term of employment because they did something bad (syn: sack, fire)
Example Sentence: He was dismissed for being rude to a customer.

COUPON kupɒn

16 May 2019


  • part of a printed advert that can be used to buy or get a product.
Example Sentence: Collect the coupons from our magazine to get a 20% discount!

COMPETITIVE kəmˈpɛtɪtɪv

15 May 2019


  • offering a price or service that is as good or better than other companies.
Example Sentence: They are offering the new computer at a very competitive price.

COLD-CALL koʊld kɔl

14 May 2019


  • to call somebody to try to sell something without permission or warning.
Example Sentence: I hate it when people cold-call to sell me things.

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13 May 2019



  • fechar com sucesso um negócio difícil.
Frase exemplo: Após 5 horas de negociação, eles finalmente conseguiu um acordo.

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12 May 2019

klærə ˌ faɪ


  • deixar algo bem claro.
Frase exemplo: Podemos esclarecer quem será responsável pelo projeto?

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11 May 2019

brænd əwɛərnɛs


  • na medida em que uma marca é reconhecida pelo público.
Frase exemplo: A campanha publicitária tem como objetivo aumentar a notoriedade da marca no país.

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10 May 2019

ælə ˌ keɪt


  • para especificar onde alguma coisa (especialmente recursos) irá.
Frase exemplo: Eles têm alocou US $ 50 milhões para pesquisa e desenvolvimento.